Thursday, November 5, 2009

What is Transparency International Fiji thinking?

Aidney questions wisdom of bans

Thursday, November 05, 2009

TRANSPARENCY International Fiji has questioned the motive of overseas governments in placing travel sanctions on members of the judiciary and their families, which is affecting the calibre of judges Fiji was able to attract, which at the end of the day would affect the level of services provided by the judiciary..

These guys who ask stupid questions like this just don't get it, do they???

Here's the answer Aidney, the law abiding people of Fiji have moved on from the coup culture since it first started in 1987 by another military machismo. Although all the illegals appointed by this military regime keep harping on about what happened in 1987 and the international reaction to that time, it is now 2009, and to teach these numbskulls a lesson, sanctions as such have to be implemented.

And if high calibre judges from Fiji or overseas are not touching this military regime by any means, then it is a clear message to the people of Fiji and the world, that the only support this military regime will ever get is from opportunists and coup apologists. Thus this MILITARY REGIME HAS NO CREDIBILITY AT ALL OUTSIDE THEIR CIRCLE OF LOSERS, THIEVES, PARANOIDS, PSCYHOS, PATHOLOGICAL LIARS, NARCISSISTS, HANGER-ONS, ETC, ETC.

So, Aidney, please, come up with constructive solutions and thoughtful questions that will assist in getting rid of this dictatorship military regime, not aiding and abetting it.

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