Saturday, October 31, 2009

Devaluation and its effects - SHOW US THE MONEY!

Ok, ok...Voreqe and his financial wizards are expressing sympathy for our people, but can only help them by saying that the 20% devaluation is a good thing for us because it means an increase of our foreign reserves at $1 billion.

Cut the crap already!!!!!!!!

Children can't make it school. Children don't eat much to survive. Parents lose their jobs. Parents can't buy neccesities for their families. Others rob, rape and kill! And all you offer is BULLSHIT WORDS to say you understand their plight, while you line your pockets and your family members with stolen dollars?

So, all this talk of money saved...what is it going to be used for? Preparing for the elections? Processing the Constitution, which you have probably already have some goon working on, like you did your FARTER CHARTER, which magically appeared even before one can finish saying the word COUP!?

So, spell it out Voreqe? Show us the money for real. We don't want to hear just figures because according to this, devaluation and its effects is not a good thing.

Effects of Devaluation (

A significant danger is that by increasing the price of imports and stimulating greater demand for domestic products, devaluation can aggravate inflation. If this happens, the government may have to raise interest rates to control inflation, but at the cost of slower economic growth.

Another risk of devaluation is psychological. To the extent that devaluation is viewed as a sign of economic weakness, the creditworthiness of the nation may be jeopardized. Thus, devaluation may dampen investor confidence in the country's economy and hurt the country's ability to secure foreign investment.

Another possible consequence is a round of successive devaluations. For instance, trading partners may become concerned that a devaluation might negatively affect their own export industries. Neighboring countries might devalue their own currencies to offset the effects of their trading partner's devaluation. Such "beggar thy neighbor" policies tend to exacerbate economic difficulties by creating instability in broader
financial markets.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Tyrannt spews forth vile

The recent address by Voreqe Bainimarama to his undereducated, unethical and unsympathetic soldiers to:

*take action if they find out information about bus drivers overcharging school children;

*say that it is unacceptable for parents to teach their children to lie about their busfare;

*follow the law and ensure that reasons are not given to Australia and New Zealand to pressure the United Nations to remove Fiji from peacekeeping missions;

*say that the military does not have enough time to achieve its plans and objectives before the 2014 elections;

*not wanting to be a part of returning Fiji in a very bad state where hatred still exists amongst the people, the different ethnicities, and religious groups and

*bad-mouthing his critics, who according to him were delaying progress

makes one want to throw up, really.

All this talk of telling the truth, flying the Fiji flag high, wanting more time to fix the many and numerous problems that weren't there in the first place, and trying to attain a VOREQENTOPIA society, is a marked figure of someone who is so out of his depth when it comes to responsible leadership. He is so ingrained by his hallucinatory vision of a perfect Fiji, that he lacks the real understanding and the essence of what we, as law-abiding citizens in a democracy believe in.

What Voreqe lacks is the humility to see Fiji's problems now and our potential to be a great nation, if he only opens his eyes and consider other peoples' interests. His inability to DIALOGUE with others who also have Fiji's interests at heart because he believes he is the only one who has Fiji's interests at heart is killing our nation.

As he allude to the need for more time before 2014 for the military to get their inconvenient mission done, my question to Voreqe is this:

*Will he guarantee us that him and the military will never, ever interfere in our civil government ever again after 2014?

Thus, it is imperative for those of us who believe in democracy to make sure that this new Constitution (illegal as it maybe), be based on the real needs of our country for now and the future. There are many functional and successful Constitutions abound that we can base ours on. But again, a Constitution is only WORDS. The real test will come from us as citizens who will have the moral responsibility to live by it.

I will close with a not-so-heart-warming thought, but something for Voreqe to ponder.

Voreqe, you and your cohorts are currently placing a massive future debt on our children and unborn children because of your outrageous, conniving and thoughtless actions. Think about that!

Monday, October 19, 2009

We are ALL Indispensable

Two headlines caught my attention this week.

Firstly this one from the Fiji Times: Out you go, PM tells Dakuidreketi

Secondly this one from Fijilive: AG blasts NZ refusal of medical visa for judge

When one reads these news pieces, I guess you could either just laugh at the stupidity of it, as in the self-appointed leader's outburst or just say "Memu Sici" to the illegal AG and his crony judge.

Well people what do you get when you usurp power from the people by using your guns and then trying to tell them that they are indispensable, Voreqe? If you say that Keni is indispensable and that there are 500 other people who can do his job better, what does that say about you huh? Let me spell it out here:


As for the crony judges in the illegal AGs illegal judiciary, really, illegal AG, you may need another pair of spectacles to be able to SEE clearly what other democractic nations are doing to you and your illegal judiciary. You may see your illegal judiciary to be legal but it doesn't mean that other nations will agree with you or even have to accept it.

Again, read my lips illegal AG...NZ's refusal to offer a visa to your illegally appointed judge is a lesson to your illegally appointed judges to teach them that supporting an illegal government will not favour them in the long run. They may be getting paid BLOOD MONEY to put food on their tables or afford them luxuries of life, it may not matter when it comes to important issues like your child's health. But then again, the blame as in the responsibility to accept the consequences of your action is yours alone. Not the NZ's government. DUH again!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Selective Listener Voreqe at it again-Voreqe read this!

The FBCL reported on Oct. 18th that self-appointed military leader Voreqe said he quoted part of President Obama's speech in his own UN address because

'Obama stressed in his speech the importance of how a government must try to solve its own problem – rather than being pressured from the outside.

Bainimarama says that exactly what they are doing at the moment and Fiji will not fall to any outside pressure.

He says Fiji will only go to elections in 2014 – after all planned reforms have been accomplished.'

This is the context Bainimarama used this speech in...

Mr. President,

History is replete with the struggles of people the world over for self determination, to be free from subjugation and foreign domination. Our own experience should have provided some indication if one is needed, how difficult it has been for us to achieve true, genuine and sustainable democracy.

Many of the nations represented in this Hall today have experienced the traumas of nation building. It would not be out of place to reflect on what President Obama said during his address to the General Assembly on Wednesday, 23rd of September of 2009, and I quote:

Democracy cannot be imposed on any nation from the outside. Each society must search for its own path, and no path is perfect. Each country will pursue a path rooted in the culture of its people and its past traditions….’

We thoroughly endorse such sentiments.

Having read through President Obama's entire speech, I am left apalled (again!) by the selective process by which Voreqe and his speech writers have again taken President Obama's speech out of context and twisted it to suit their own agenda. If they have been listening to the previous parts of President Obama's speech, they would have deduced that President Obama has a thing for "shared responsibility". It is a phrase he explained in his book 'The Audacity of Hope' as well. But would Voreqe know that? I doubt it.

President Obama also talked a lot about how we as world citizens should solve problems together. He quoted Franklin Roosevelt, who died before he could see his vision for the UN become a reality, quoting: "The structure of world peace cannot be the work of one man, or one party, or one nation…. It cannot be a peace of large nations -- or of small nations. It must be a peace which rests on the cooperative effort of the whole world."

He went on to say how some world leaders have used the UN forum to "sow discord instead of forging common ground; a venue for playing politics and exploiting grievances rather than solving problems. After all, it is easy to walk up to this podium and point figures -- point fingers and stoke divisions. Nothing is easier than blaming others for our troubles, and absolving ourselves of responsibility for our choices and our actions. Anybody can do that. Responsibility and leadership in the 21st century demand more."

You see Bainimarama, although you may think you have the right to steal our government because you have the guns or the so-called right reforms, you most definitely don't have any iota of responsible leadership to carry your self-righteous mission through because YOU DON'T HAVE THE MANDATE OF THE PEOPLE OF FIJI! And what you did at the UN assembly was exactly what President Obama mentioned. You used your 15mins of fame to COMPLAIN, WHINGE, EXPLOIT ETC WITHOUT COMING IN WITH ANY REAL SOLUTIONs TO THE PROBLEM YOU CREATED! And if you Bainimarama have listened or read the President's speech, you would understand that yes, the President said,

"No one nation can or should try to dominate another nation" but he also said "No world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will succeed."

You see, there it is Bainimarama, just as much as we want peace and prosperity, "future America also wants a future of peace and prosperity." But they know (just as we law abiding Fijians know) we can only reach it if we recognize that all nations have rights, but all nations have responsibilities as well.

"The responsibilty that the people of the world want this future for their children. And that is why we must champion those principles which ensure that governments reflect the will of the people. Democracy and human rights are essential to achieving each of the goals because governments of the people and by the people are more likely to act in the broader interests of their own people, rather than narrow interests of those in power. True leadership will not be measured by the ability to muzzle dissent, or to intimidate and harass political opponents at home or just as no nation should be forced to accept the tyranny of another nation, no individual should be forced to accept the tyranny of their own people."

So, yes, Voreqe, President Obama said those words you quoted but unfortunately you didn't see it in the whole picture of what President Obama was mentioning. What he meant was this, an elected government has been leading its people and the people are doing their bit for their own peace and prosperity. Then an outside nation or persons come in and try an impose their form of democracy (which is a dictatorship really) on this people, this is not acceptable. But the truth of the matter is for you, you were the tyrannt within who USED HIS GUNS TO IMPOSE YOUR OWN FORM OF DEMOCRACY on Fiji and its people. Therefore, President Obama was directing that part of his speech AT YOU AND YOUR CRONIES TOO.

That is why he said, and this is the challenge for us citizens of Fiji..

And I pledge that America will always stand with those who stand up for their dignity and their rights -- for the student who seeks to learn; the voter who demands to be heard; the innocent who longs to be free; the oppressed who yearns to be equal. There are basic principles that are universal; there are certain truths which are self-evident -- and the United States of America will never waver in our efforts to stand up for the right of people everywhere to determine their own destiny.

STAND-UP FOR OUR RIGHTS! We have been sitting too long peoples and letting Voreqe misuse and abuse us.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

IMF/World Bank loan, Voreqe? Dream on...

After another wasteful overseas trip for Voreqe and co. to the IMF/World Bank meeting in Turkey, whereby Voreqe was reported as being hopeful of the financial arms extended by these two major world financial bodies, it has come to light that this may not be the case afterall. IMF/World Bank partners are going to look to NZ/Australia for their cue to go ahead and lend the dictator money.

So, where does leave you Voreqe? According to today's Fijilive news, the RBF with Sada Reddy at the helm, reported that, 'Fiji’s tourism industry performed well below last year’s levels in the first half of 2009 while spending is being restrained by weak employment conditions.'

Aha! so where's all the our-economy-is-being-revived-by-us-doing-this-that-and-the-other talk? You will be struggling until the cows come home, if you don't just humble yourself, admit that your MEANS, which is your guns, to obtain your mightier-than-thou mission of being Fiji's reformist, is going no where in a hurry! 2014 is quite a long, long way to wait for financial assistance from abroad to come. You see as much as we as a nation want our own autonomy and all, we still need the assistance of those that have more resources than us to keep us going. Because really, we probably could have been at a better place and make all these arguements reality, if the Fiji military and coup-minded people like Voreqe and Rabuka have not being so macho about their blown-out egos.

Therefore, as much as Voreqe wants to be seen and heard as bringing about the reforms that is needed in Fiji, it would serve him well, to cut the bull crap, admit he was wrong and get us to free and fair elections by 2010. By the way, can he even guarantee us a free and fair election himself? hmmmmmmmmm....

Voreqe our message is's a long way for you to being a respectful leader amongst other world leaders or even Fijian leaders, fellow countrymen (if one can even loosely use that term for you) has to EARN it, you don't just receive it because you have the guns. Oh right, I'm wrong there, you do receive it but only from brown-nosers who can't earn it themselves because they are losers and cowards like you.

You cannot assume that the EU, IMF/World Bank or other international bodies are softening their stance towards your dictatorship. Even to assume that President Obama's message to the people of Fiji on Fiji Day is a sign that he is softening his approach. No you're totally wrong! That is the problem with you, you don't listen to what these people/bodies are saying. You only hear them speak to the people of Fiji and you assume that they are supporting your dictatorship. No, no, no. They want to ENGAGE IN A DIALOGUE! Not a monologue with a dictator. They want to engage in a dialogue with the people of Fiji. The one you used your guns on to force them to listen to you. Their engagement is for the good of the people, so they are not seen to be totally ignorant to the plight of their fellow human beings, who have to be subjected to a barbaric dictatorship as you and your military regime has thrust upon us.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Post Fiji Day sentiments

Another Fiji Day has come and gone. While we celebrate the birth of independence for our country in our various corners of the world, my focus was on one matter. The fact that Voreqe Bainimarama has vowed that his December 5th 2006 coup, is a coup to end all coups.

We would love for that to be reality. Who wouldn't? But as in all REAL cases, the adages of 'Practice what you Preach', 'We will know them by their Fruits' is something I cannot ignore in the case of Voreqe Bainimarama.

I am no saint, but at least the consequences of my actions only affects me and those I interact with, NOT A WHOLE NATION'S PRESENT AND FUTURE as in the case of Voreqe Bainimarama. We are now three Fiji Days past the time Voreqe forcefully used his guns to take away the very essence of why we celebrate Fiji day. The day we gained our independence from Colonial powers so we can exercise and proactively utilise our God-given gifts of intelligence, values and ideals for the common good of our nation. Recently the life and contributions of the late Rt. Mara was celebrated. For some he is an example of the good that can come to our country when good men do something. For others, it seems like he didn't probably do enough when he was nearing the end of his hardearned career as a politician and Fijian leader. But at least we may all agree that his legacy is far more positive and uplifting than the current self-appointed military leader who is ruining our country at the moment.

The Fiji Times reported this morning that the PMs of PNG, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu are currently meeting with Voreqe to reaffirm their support for him. Of course, as Pacific islanders they will do that. It's one of the identities of our whole existence as Pacific Islanders. Our concept of looking out for the extended families even if it means sharing the meagre resources we have. But the difference is as I have indicated before is, if Voreqe's grandiose ideas of reforms only affected him and his family, then by all means go ahead and do it. BUT unfortunately for us who love Fiji as it was pre-coup days, this is not the case.

I would hope that these Pacific leaders would follow President Obama's lead and support his messgae as stated here, “We enjoy a friendship founded on the mutual commitments of our societies to peace, freedom, the rule of law, and democratic ideals,” he said.

“It is through our shared commitment to these ideals that the friendship between our countries has developed so strongly over the years.”

But by cowardly using his guns to forcefully take away our peace, our rights, our freedom and our liberty, he has made promises to try and sway our minds to accept his mission. Some, like these Pacific leaders have fallen into that trap not realising that by extending their hands in brotherly fashion to support Voreqe, they're blindly looking the other way and not supporting the PEOPLE OF FIJI to whom all of this matters.

I hope that when these leaders meet Voreqe, they will request from him a GUARANTEE THAT HIS COUP IS THE COUP TO END ALL COUPS. Because where I am sitting, I don't see any light or truth in those words. It will be four more Fiji Days to come until we know for sure if what Voreqe said is going to happen. I like to think I am an optimist but still with a track record like Voreqe's, I will remain pessimistic about his so-called altruistic reasons to be our country's saviour.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Fiji military waits in vain for UN jobs

The Fijilive report on the Fiji military waiting for a reply from the UN with regards to new overseas deployment is a total CELEBRATION for us law-abiding citizens who have no direct connection with Fiji's abusive military. We celebrate because although we may want to sympathise (although we won't) with the Fiji Peacekeepers Association for their strive to also ask the UN to rethink their stand as of now, we the law-abiding citizens of Fiji who get to earn a decent living by respecting other people's RIGHTS believe that what the UN has done is FOR THE COMMON GOOD FOR THOSE WHO PROMOTE THE IDEALS OF DEMOCRACY.

So, the bottom line is, if overseas deployment is the BE ALL AND END ALL of why you want to join the Fiji military, then DENYING YOU MILITARY OFFICERS THE RIGHT to participate in UN deployments is a good lesson for you guys to learn that BULLYING PEOPLE WITH YOUR GUNS is not a good thing, really. If you want to gain power, you have to earn it. And the only way to do that is to have democratic elections. Yes, democracy has its own inadequacies but it is still the wisest and best gain for everyone to have a win-win situation. As humans there will always be people who take advantage of the situation and in some cases that will lead to corruption, nepotism, etc but there are civil, democratic ways that have been set-up to deal with these issues. And COUP is NOT ONE OF THEM.

So, go UN! Keep up the DENIAL of Fiji soldiers to join new peacekeeping missions. How stupid of them to try and think they can go and keep peace for others, when at home they're the ones trashing everyone else's determination and strive to have peace.

You can't have EVERYTHING YOUR OWN WAY. Now, that Voreqe is learning that HE IS DEFINITELY NOT AN ISLAND TO HIMSELF, the begging is just so sweet to see! Oh my!
Sweet revenge, as the saying goes. And for those of us who wait...again...


Friday, October 2, 2009

Lt. Col. Pio Tikoduadua-another OPPRESSOR of HUMAN RIGHTS

Really, as soon as another one of these military officers who are currently tasked to deal with issues of the civil-kind open their mouths, their lack of understanding and respect for civil liberties become apparent. Just because they struggled from a young age and made it overseas for military/naval training doesn't GIVE THEM THE KNOWLEDGE to be able to deal properly with issues pertaining to civil society. Especially the military kind we have in Fiji, who believe only in themselves and the guns they possess to harm people. The US, UK, Australia, NZ etc. are bigger countries with bigger military might. But their military/naval officers are REAL HUMBLE, PROFESSIONALS FULL OF INTERGRITY AND RESPECT for the
ELECTED ORDINARY CITIZENS who lead them. Not like the coward military/navy in Fiji. (Pio Tikoduadua: An unlikely truck driver
Sunday, June 08, 200).
Here the boy Pio Tikoduadua who had a very DIFFICULT childhood, who struggled through life but because of his hardwork did well in the military, but now since he is a PS in the PM's office, he thinks...jeez, ain't i one of the IT. I had made it in life because I have worked hard. So, now I can tell the people of Fiji whatever I like.

Really...spare us the rhetoric! Maybe you should stick to your dreams of being a truck driver! (No offense to truck drivers)

Concentrate on local issues, FHRC told
October 03, 2009 11:40:14 AM (Fijilive)

We should stop imposing international rights in Fiji and concentrate on the issues locally says permanent secretary to the Prime Minister’s Office, Lieutenant Colonel Pio Tikoduadua.

Speaking at the 10th anniversary of the Fiji Human Rights Commission (FHRC) yesterday, Tikoduadua said the FHRC should focus more on promoting human values and dignity.

“Even in this government we value human rights,” he said.
“We want change and we want change to happen.”


FHRC principal legal officer Wilfred Golman told the celebration that the number of complaints addressed to the commission had grown steadily since 1999.

“Although there are several areas in which much needs to be done- modesty deters me from going into details of the many activities the commission has done and achieved results,” added Golman.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Are we guinea pigs to Voreqe's lofty dreams of a Gambling society coupled with EVR?

As reported by Fijilive (Oct. 2 2009) Fiji's Election Office has currently completed the planning phase of Electronic Voter Registration (EVR) for both national and local government elections or the establishment of voter rolls with photographs.

“One, the compilation of an accurate and reliable voter roll that bring confidence to the voters; two, the planning and administering of the new electoral system, (for) which the Peoples Charter for Change, Peace and Progress is recommending the Proportional Representative List system; and finally the establishment of a new Code of Conduct and Ethics for political candidates.”

This military regime is so hell-bent on taking our country to the abyss, that they have no real concept nor understanding of how undertakings such as this EVR business and the licensing of gambling institutions take years to implement before its proper adoption.

No, not for Fiji's power mongers. Since they didn't have to SWEAT to gain power, they would CARE LESS of the long term repercussions of their ill-conceived, shallow ideas, which they believe is going to SOLVE FIJI'S PROBLEMS NOW AND IN THE FUTURE. Then there's that snakey "new" Code of Conduct and Ethics for political candidates. What "new" codes and ethics these maybe remains to be seen. But we already know what that is. It will be a direct attack on the rights of SOME citizens, as seen through Voreqe and his cohorts' square eyes, to stand for elections. They will purposely select jargon and phrases to DENY LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS THE RIGHT TO STAND FOR WHAT THEY BELIEVE IN AND LETTING THE PEOPLE CHOOSE.

Really, Voreqe for the sake of MINE and other LAW-ABIDING peoples' children, give up your GUNS, come to the discussion table and hear us out. If what you're doing is good for your children and grandchildren then go ahead and go set-up your own kingdom and country in your land, LEAVE OUR CHILDREN AND THEIR FUTURE ALONE!

EVRs in other countries take years and small steps for it to be implemented and functioning properly. As for gambling, well that is a totally different cattle of fish altogether. With your friend from Thailand in the picture, who knows, we'll be hosting LITTLE PAT-PONG customers in the future. And God forbid that happens to our beloved Fiji!

And just for some interesting reading on the Failure of EVR in a country similar to ours (in this case Uganda).

Failed Electronic Voter Registration in Uganda

Evaluation: Failure or Success?

This has been a total failure. Things went wrong at an early stage with the hardware, with criticism that the tenders for procurement of the digital cameras were not transparent, leading to problems with the equipment delivered, and with reports that a number of the cameras were stolen from what should have been a safe government store. Although citizen photographing did proceed, it took place within a very short time and many people were not captured by the system. There were complaints from opposition parties that security agency staff had intervened in the workings of the computer system. Suspicions were raised of manipulation of voter registrations in opposition strongholds. Opposition parties felt that names might be removed from the electoral roll in one place, in order to disenfranchise those who might vote for the opposition, and put back on in other districts, allowing soldiers to vote many times for the ruling candidates in the names of the disenfranchised citizens.

When sample voter registers were produced by the system, they were found to be erroneous, with some photographs not corresponding with names of voters. Coupled with opposition suspicions, this led the entire exercise to be suspended. Old voter registers were used to conduct presidential, parliamentary and civic elections in the country in 2001. There have been suggestions that the system may be used for the 2006 elections. However, the work of the electoral commissioners has now been wound up and - nearly two years on - no action has been taken to revive the system. Even if still available, some of the equipment is likely to be obsolete by 2006. At present, it is just going to waste.
Enablers/Critical Success Factors

The success of the electoral process in 2001 can be put down to three factors: the existence of the old voter registers; the political patience of the population, and the strong participation of the armed forces in keeping a lid on political dissent.
Constraints/Critical Failure Factors

This voter registration system failed largely because it was a technical instrument introduced into a highly politicised situation; a situation in which there was a perceived lack of political will from government to implement the system as intended; a lack of political awareness on the part of many Ugandan citizens; and a lack of capacity on the part of the Interim Electoral Commission to create conditions in which the system would not only be used impartially, but be seen to be used impartially.


1. Find political will . The success or failure of e-government projects - especially those involving citizens and the democratic process - is significantly determined by the political context. Unless there is a political will to see the e-government project succeed, then it is likely to fail.
2. Move incrementally . 'Big bang' approaches - that suddenly introduce new technologies and processes - are quite likely to fail. Instead, e-government projects should be implemented in a systematic but gradual manner.
3. WE NEED THE FREEDOM TO VOICE OUR CONCERNS, VOREQE BUT YOU'RE NOT LETTING US! Involve civil society . In projects that touch the broader issues of governance, the participation of civil society organisations should be encouraged from the inception. They can have longer-term objectives for improvement of the governance process that can usefully balance objectives in government that may be merely for short-term survival.