Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Voreqe's nutty-take on Fijian politics

Fiji’s (Illegal) Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama says his government (military regime) wants to put a stop to ordinary Fijians being used for political gain by leaders in politics and in churches. How has ordinary Fijians being used for political gains? Can you please, be specific and precise. Give examples and evidence of your claims.

Speaking during his first official visit this year to Nalotawa Village in the western province of Ba, the Illegal PM said most of the time, Fijians, especially those in the rural areas, were being used in what he said was useless talk for dirty politics. Again, how? Please, give us some concrete examples.

“No more will Fijians be used in dirty politics or racist issues. We want Fiji to become prosperous and we want you to become successful,” Bainimarama said. That is what we all want Voreqe - TO BE PROSPEROUS AND SUCCESSFUL.  But with loose cannons like you, who use GUNS to instil fear on the people, it's not going to happen. And you keep dragging us down to the pits with your illegal and barbaric actions.

“We want to make sure that come the 2014 elections, we will not be dealing anymore with any dirty politics as such,” he told the villagers. Again, give us examples of "dirty politics." What about dirty military politics like you are currently practicing - huh?  


“We want our leaders in politics, in churches and in all cross-sections of the community to be good role models, not to involve people in politics,” he added. NOW, this is the most idiotic thing (amongst all the other IDIOTIC rhetorics we've heard before). How can the people not be involved in politics? At the end of the day, the PEOPLE HAVE A STAKE IN POLITICS. The PEOPLE get to vote. The PEOPLE get to choose. Politicians cannot choose themselves to lead themselves. The PEOPLE do that. That is why it is called DEMOCRACY - POWER BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE.

And talking about good role models. What about good military role models? At the moment you're ALL falling short of that criteria. So, first, pull that wool from your eyes, before you want to pluck the splinter from the eyes of other leaders in politics, church and across our Fiji community.

Villagers raised wide-ranging concerns from inaccessibility to urban areas due to poor road conditions to the need for a reliable supply of water.

The PM was invited there by the tikina (district) of Yakete.

The government has banned the influential Methodist Church from holding its annual conference until 2014, saying the church’s hierarchy needs to remove political elements from its midst.

(From Fijilive)

Suggestion for NZ's test for the Military Regime

Can you recognise the blank stare of a man in a flowery shirt, who clearly has no cogs or wheels turning upstairs? Wonder if he is even listening to what Ratu Joni is saying, let alone understand it.

The over-promoted Pita Driti has confirmed (Fijilive) that the appointment of another one of his over-promoted military bud, Neumi Leweni is them "...just testing New Zealand’s genuity [sic] (see the man can't even spell the word correctly) you know, in having to arrange certain names to see how far they can accommodate what we want and if they accept Leweni, it’s a great move,” he said.

The Merriam-Webster Online dictionary defines the word test as in trial to specify: "the procedure of submitting a statement to such conditions or operations as will lead to its proof or disproof or to its acceptance or rejection ."
If we consider this definition then we can deduce that all this military regime is wanting to prove by submitting Leweni's name is to prove NZ's genuinity (Driti note the spelling of the word) to, according to Driti, "accomodate what we want." And what exactly do you want? Do you want recognition for your illegal activities? Do you want acceptance from our developed neighbours? Now this is very poor form. Well what can you expect from a bunch of thieves, liars and over-promoted militarymen who have only gone this far because they have the guns to back them up.
Now, we did mention in the title that this is a suggestion for NZ. Since this military regime is on a testing spree, why not counter them with your own test of their genuine strive to make Fiji a better, prosperous and successful nation now and forever.
Since the country of NZ has imposed a travel ban on this military regime, which the military regime clearly know of, why not tell the regime that since this is the case, you won't accept Leweni, but if this is acceptable to the people of Fiji and the individual, we nominate our one and only beloved  Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi, Fijian lawyer, politician and our Vice-President (Who really should be our President) from 2004 to 2006, when the boisterous Voreqe dismissed him, to be our representative in NZ.

Aha! How about that! A real Ratu and man of the people, who is not tainted by any coups past or present. Then we will at least be on the first right path and step of taking our Fiji forward like this regime wants us too. Taking FIJI forward does not mean taking the FIJIAN military cohorts forward. 

The EGOs have to make way for WE GO! Go! Ratu Joni Go!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What does a "New Fiji" in 2014 mean? Supervision by FRAUDSTERS who instill FEAR!

The very thing that Voreqe wants from those who are opposing his illegal actions, that is transparency and the truth, is also the ONLY things he himself is not practicing when going to our grassroot citizens, like in Kadavu and telling them LIES.

My goodness, the people of Kadavu must really not know what is going on if they totally believe that the World Bank supports his plans. If only they knew the truth and not be swayed too easily by the words of a Fraudster. How sad indeed that Voreqe has to resort to sympathy votes and "vesumona" tactics to gain support and empathisers from the grassroot citizens. But a Fraudster will always be a Fraudster!

If he knew that AN ELECTED GOVERNMENT is meant to be the only institution running a country, then why did he knowingly use his guns to steal the people's elected government from them in 2006?

And what makes his military different from Rabuka's one in 1987 and Speight's in 2000? Voreqe, you're ALL ONE AND THE SAME. You wear the same uniform, you carry the same guns, you did the same illegal and treasonous actions - steal the people's government at gunpoint. But yours is MORE EVIL than the previous ones.

No government has failed. They just become INEFFECTIVE. But there are peaceful ways people can demonstrate their disagreements with an elected government, which gives them a VOICE. But with your military, and your trumped-up decrees like the PER, it is a mechanism that has been implemented by you because FEAR IS USED BY FRAUDSTERS TO INSTILL A LACK OF HOPE ON THE PEOPLE!

And so what, because the Illegal Voreqe's charter says that the military will always be there to see the path taken by the new government is on the same track, we have to ACCEPT it lying face down. No way! And what path have you actually taken us on that requires us to be abided by. The only path you have taken us on is one that is full of LOAN DEBTS TO BE REPAID and a BANKRUPT FUTURE for our children and grandchildren.

So, be warned Voreqe, your bullying tactics will end once an elected government is in place and you will not be allowed to dictate to us anymore except from a jail cell!! There' s a TIME for everything.

Just get on with your electoral reforms and get us to the polls. And tell your Fiji Chamber of Commerce President Swani Maharaj he can get his equal one man, one vote ANTIracial electoral reform and any other equal opportunity he is looking for with regards to education, to access to a fair trial, etc, etc. But if he thinks equal opportunity means he can touch the land or the sea or natural resources issue, well he's got another thing coming. Swani it's a matter of - Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar!

A Fiji in 2014 means

God help us!

Monday, January 25, 2010

While the Kadavuans get their special visit from the Illegal PM, the Yasawans are starving!!

This is what it is all about for Bainimarama and his military regime - ONLY look after the ones who follow you blindly. For the rest they can bl.....y well starve!!

And the reason given by the military regime is that the money spent on food rations will go to schools. Well, if the children of Yasawa are starving, then going to school and expecting these children to perform well will be a lost cause. Because they might not make it to school in the first place because they are weak from lack of food.

And how long do short term seeds grow enough to be consumed? One day, one month? So, the people of Yasawa are expected to wait for that long to be fed!

The lack of human compassion is rather disturbing indeed!

No food for victims (Fiji Times)

Ifereimi Nadore
Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Government will not provide food rations for those who were affected by the floods during Cyclone Mick.

Deputy Commisioner Central Samu Sadranu said whatever money was allocated for assistance should be prioritised for schools, which sustained considerable damage.

'Send us food please' (Fiji Times)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

VILLAGERS on two islands in the Yasawa Group are asking for food.

"Plantations were destroyed during the cyclone. We have had to ask our relatives living on the mainland to send even root crops across," he said. "We request that ration supplies like flour and rice be supplied to the islands."

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Un-chiefly requests from military sapotas and Un-gentlemanly comments from military slackers

The recent news on FBCL regarding the UN-chiefly preemptive request made by Kadavu chiefs for the Illegal PM Bainimarama to stay on beyond 2014 is totally uncalled for and disrespectful to the rest of the Fijian people, who want an elected government back at the helm.

Their blind support for an illegal government, in addition to their clear disregard to heed their Higher Chief's request to not collude with an illegal entity goes to show the shallowness of these chiefs. But it would be very interesting to know how many of the people of Kadavu really support these chiefs. And isn't this what Voreqe is trying to do away with? For people to make their own decisions and not be led or swayed by their chiefs. Aha!!! Sounds very hypocritical, don't you think?

We, as Fijians cannot continue to make the case that Western democracy is not fully undertsood by us or is not suitable for us. It very well is! It is the ignorant and arrogant individuals in our country who CHOOSE to not want to understand the values of democracy and abide by it.

A military is not meant to lead a nation. They are meant to follow like every other citizen. If you want to lead a nation, then become a politician and work at it the hard way. Having guns does not give one the RIGHT to lead a government or a nation of people. If a military was meant to lead, then the whole world would have been led by military people instead of politicians. And yes, any government will become ineffective at some point, that is why we have elections, so, people can make a PEACEFUL choice of whom they want to be their leaders. And when decisions made by leaders have to be questioned, that is why democratic countries have tribunals.

But it continues to be of interest how during all this saga of power-mongering by Voreqe's new elite, we get to hear the real reasons they staged this coup, which has nothing to do with allegations of corruption.

In addition, NZ and Aust. should take note of the childishness of this regime, and in particular, the human-torturer Driti, who said (stupidly) that the reason the military regime is sending Leweni is to test how genuine New Zealand is in re-engaging with Fiji.

"I think it is not appropriate of him (Col. B) to speak of such a thing especially as a former military officer and a former land force commander but then again I would like to stress the fact that Fiji is sending Leweni as a Commissioner- to test out that what we are doing with NZ and their approach to us is genuine and things will be done in a proper way with transparency." (FBCL)

Really!?? Is it about testing NZ or is it about this military regime trying to play the one-upmanship game with NZ, to say...'Nenene-booboo, you have slapped us with a travel ban, but one of ours can still come as Commissioner..nenene-booboo.'

Now, this we believe is CHILDISH!!

As for Driti's comments that Col. B has nowhere else to go...hmmm...we can ask you the same question - don't you guys in this military regime and council have anywhere else to be or go - like to your own homes and leave us in peace!?

World Bank paints a bleak picture - from Fijilive

Fiji is among developing countries that are expected to face a tougher financing environment as the global economy slowly recovers, a latest World Bank report has revealed.

The World Bank’s Global Economic Prospects 2010 warns that while the worst of the financial crisis may be over, global recovery is still fragile as financial markets remain troubled and private sector demand lags amid high unemployment.

Fiji is grouped in the East Asia and the Pacific region of the World Bank’s assessment and is estimated by the Bank to record a negative 0.3 percent growth last year and a modest 1.8 percent growth this year.

Its external position is expected to worsen, with the World Bank estimating a deficit of 25.4 percent (against GDP) in current account balance last year, this negative trend continuing into this year and next year, with a forecasted deficit of 27.7 percent, painting a bleak picture of Fiji in its ability to service its foreign obligations.

While the World Bank expects world recovery to be driven by economic activities in the East Asia and Pacific region, Pacific economies including Fiji remain troubled with external positions mainly in negative territory. 

“As international financial conditions tighten, firms in developing countries will face higher borrowing costs, lower levels of credit, and reduced international capital flows,” said Andrew Burns, lead author of the report.

“As a result, over the next five to seven years, trend growth rates in developing countries may be 0.2 percent to 0.7 percent lower than they would have been had finance remained as abundant and inexpensive as in the boom period,” Burns added. 
Elections are meant to be in fours years. So even when that date comes around, Bainimarama with his stupid actions and his so-called knowledge of reviving our economy will still amount to nothing! And what will we hear from him as an excuse? It was the global financial crisis. No way - loser! It was first your thieving action, then it was exacerbated by the crisis. But it was you and you alone who will have to take the blame for our now almost non-existent economy.

These countries have been advised to try to reduce local borrowing costs, promote local capital markets and improve competition and regulation in local banking sectors as domestic access may be the only way for their financing needs as international financing conditions tighten.  How would a country run by a military regime implement such measures? Oh! we remember...they will Look North! And in the process implement further job cuts, salary freezes or worse - devaluation? hmmmm...

But as further explained below, this will TAKE TIME TO BEAR FRUIT. And, we think Bainimarama is learning (we hope he has the capacity for it) the hard way, that overtaking a government at gun point and trying to "lead" it is not as easy as scrubbing decks.

“Although likely to take time to bear fruit, such steps could expand access to capital and help put them back on the higher growth track from which they were derailed by the crisis,” said Hans Trimmer, director of the World Bank Prospects Group.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

NZ should ONLY accept a civilian who is not associated with the military as Fiji's Counsellor to NZ

Voreqe and his illegal ministers are again pushing for a MILITARY idiot to take up a diplomatic post in NZ. This time it's Leweni again. One who was rejected by Malaysia, still trying to find some kind of recognition for his part in undertaking an illegal action like the stealing of a nation by the barrels of their guns.

New Zealand and Minister McCully, if you're reading this then we are telling you to not accept anyone nominated by this regime who has ties to them. It must be one who is a civilian and who has Fiji's true and best interests at heart. You cannot and should not accept any nomination for a person associated militarywise or otherwise to this regime. Because by doing so, you will be displaying to this regime that their illegal actions are cordoned and accepted by NZ.

We know how Voreqe and his illegal ministers think. It has been proven that it is ONLY POWER AND MONEY they are after. Fiji's prosperous future is most definitely not a short or long term objective.

Go democracy! Go Fiji's freedom!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Qarase House, My House, Your House...whatever!

This submission by the ILLEGAL SOCIAL WELFARE MINISTER is like - much of a muchness. Aren't there better issues the welfare people should be doing, and most of all its illegal leader, so, they can alleviate the many social problems they have exacerbated with their illegal actions?

The most ludicrous excuse ever is the one given that "the new name will give more visibility to Council [sic] and the entire disabled community in the country can confidently move around in a safe and independent manner." WTC!!!!! OMG!!! Is this the extent of thinking that this illegal minister is capable of - name change to bring about so-called "positive" implications?

It has nothing to do with name change Illegal Minister. It has all to do with hard work, real support and being an elected, responsible leader, first.

So, how has the name Qarase House prevented the disabled community from not being able to move around confidently, in a safe/independent manner? We just feel like punching the lights out of some people for creating unnecessary frustrations with STUPID excuses like this one!!!

So, the new name is going to make the disabled more confident, safe, independent and most importantly MOBILE!? Will they now have NO DISABILITY? Jeeezzzzzzzzz!!!

Well, at least we will know for sure that no one in this illegal regime will ever have their muddied name bestowed on any infrastructure or structure in our beloved homeland. Why should they? A bunch of thieves, cowards and pathological liars!
from Fijivillage
The government has decided to change the name of Qarase house in Suva to Fiji National Council for Disabled Persons Building complex. The Building is at 3 Brown Street in Toorak Suva.

Cabinet has approved the change in name to FNCDP Complex after the Social Welfare Minister Dr Jiko Luveni made a submission saying that the name change will have many positive implications.

She said the new name will give more visibility to Council and the entire disabled community in the country can confidently move around in a safe and independent manner.

Maybe the ILLEGAL MINISTER should read this story and get her "positive implications" directive right.

From the Fiji Times Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Survivor ... Soloveni Tubuitamana at Qarase House in Suva yesterday.
A survey carried out by the National Rehabilitation Medicine Hospital has revealed that of the 579 people admitted at hospitals in Fiji for traffic injury-related cases, most of them either ended up with traumatic brain injury or were paralysed and living a dependent life.
Speaking at the National Road Traffic Injury workshop in Suva yesterday, Doctor Tukana Korovou, from the Rehabilitation Hospital in Tamavua, said studies it carried out in 2006 showed that the most common disability resulting from road traffic injury included traumatic brain injury.

Dr Korovou said road traffic injury (RTI)-related disabilities admitted to the hospital from 2000 to 2006 included traumatic brain injury at 24 per cent, 23 per cent with paraplegia, which is complete paralysis of the lower half of the body, including both legs, 23 per cent with tetraplegia, which is paralysis from the neck downward, 18 per cent with amputation and 12 per cent with fractures.

Dr Korovou said much work had been made on the prevention of road traffic injuries and the management of road traffic injuries in the primary and secondary phases of medical care.He said little was known on the effects of tertiary care and it was perceived that road traffic injury-related disabilities had become a burden on society.
However, Soloveni Tubuitamana, who was seriously injured, disagrees with the thinking that disabilities worked against a person's development in life.

Mr Tubuitamana, who works at the printing and book-binding section at the Fiji Disabled Person's Association in Suva, was involved in a traffic accident in 1981 in which he lost the use of the lower half of his body.

"I was 24-years-old at the time and working for the stone crushing company that was building the Vaturu Dam, in Nadi and then on March 14, 1981, I was involved in an accident that changed my life."
Mr Tubuitamana said being 24-years-old and finding out that he would never be able to walk again or play rugby was a huge blow and he could not bring himself to think of life in a wheelchair.

"But then I was sent to the Rehabilitation Hospital in Tamavua in 1984 after I was released from the hospital and there I was encouraged to treat my disability as a chance at life."

He said patients at the Rehabilitation Hospital were encouraged to be independent and he learnt to take care of himself.

"I had many friends and used to have a fun-filled life but after my accident things changed and I learnt to value life," he said.
"I have never lived my life as a disabled person.
"I have taken part in international sports and athletics and I encourage anyone in my position to do so."

Mr Tubuitamana's sporting career did not stop after his accident and he took part in the special games in Hong Kong in 1982.
"Some people think that being disabled will stop them from living their life and doing what they want in life but I encourage them not to think that way."
He said it was understandable and normal for people who were victims of road accidents to feel depressed about their disability as a result of the accident but they should learn to make their disability a motivation in life.
"I work with the other people at the Disabled Centre and I am always encouraging them to see the positive side of things." 

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Where in the world does the PM have the power to STOP govt. pensions? Only in Voreqe's ILLEGAL REGIME!

The charade is becoming nauseating! When will the elected leaders in Fiji take action?

Even elected PMs of free countries don't have this much power bestowed on them, for the simple reason that ONE PERSON SHOULD NOT play god over others, especially when the OTHERS didn't elect him/her in the first place. But for a looney, coward, thief and liar like Voreqe the overdose of stolen power is making him make selfish decisions, which in his own coward way also cook up decrees that include preventing law-abiding citizens from challenging his bizarre decisions in a court of law or elsewhere.

Are we a free country or a militarised one? We must act to save our nation and our children's future NOW!

The Prime Minister now has the powers to stop any allowance, salary, pension or any other benefit or entitlement under the Parliamentary Retirement Allowances Decree 1989, the Prime Minister's Pensions Act 1994, the Judges Remuneration and Emoluments Act and the Pensions Act.

This follows the gazetting of the Pensions and Retirement Allowances Decree 2009, which is signed by President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau.

It is also made clear in the decree that this does not apply to any allowance, pension or any other benefit or entitlement payable under the Fiji National Provident Act.

The new decree states that the Prime Minister can cease the pensions and retirement allowances and other benefits if he is satisfied that the person has, in any way, whether in Fiji or abroad and whether before or after the commencement of the decree, acted or attempted to bring hatred or contempt or disaffection against the government, or any other institution or authority of the government.

The Prime Minister can also stop the pensions and other entitlements of those who undermine the government, or in any way, to prejudice the orderly functioning or operation of the government, promote or incite feelings of ill-will and hostility amongst the different classes of population in Fiji, bring hatred or contempt or disaffection against the administration of justice or the judiciary, undermine the administration of justice or the judiciary, or, in any way, to prejudice the orderly functioning or operation of the judiciary or incite communal antagonism or racial discontent or disaffection amongst the inhabitants of Fiji or against the government, or any institution or authority of the government.

Before making any order, the Prime Minister shall write to the person concerned and invite that person to show cause as to why any pension or other entitlements in relation to that person should not be ceased.

The new decree also states that the Prime Minister may suspend the entitlements of any of the persons receiving government pension pending compliance by the person to the sections of the decree.

The decree also states that the matter cannot be challenged in any court, tribunal, commission or any other judicial body.
Under the Parliamentary Retirement Allowances Decree 1989, the Prime Minister's Pensions Act 1994, the Judges Remuneration and Emoluments Act and the Pensions Act, former Prime Ministers excluding Laisenia Qarase, former ministers, parliamentarians, senators, former judges and senior civil servants are receiving government pensions.

Ridiculous allegations of church espionage and NZ's "confusing" stand

The LIE keeps growing. When will it end? What does it take to end it?

What a great pity it is for our nation to be ridiculed again by this latest allegations by the ILLEGAL leader Voreqe that the Methodist Church were plotting against him. Really!? As much as we agree with the fact that allegations should always be investigated, this latest allegation is totally unbelievable, from the word go because of the NEGATIVE track record of the very person who is making the allegation. We all know that this is another one of Voreqe's BIG FAT LIE to prolong our suffering, but further his grip on STOLEN powers.

Then there's that talk of being "CONFUSED" by NZ's good-will gesture to reinstate their High Commission, but still implementing their smart sanctions on the ILLEGAL regime's want/need to travel to NZ. This clearly shows that this regime are in dire need of RECOGNITION that they want to insist that NZ lift their smart sanctions that has been slapped on their sorry ........! Welcome! to the real world Voreqe, you can't possibly GET EVERYTHING YOUR WAY! It just doesn't work that way. Of course, you can trample on our rights at home and haul innocent people to court for your paranoid dreams of us against you and using your guns. And that's all you can do.

You can trample on our rights, but you can never take away our spirit to keep fighting for our Godsent rights to liberty and freedom! And you can never take away the SUPPORT we have from those who believe in our cause.

It's time the Church take a public stand on these murderers, liars and thieves! Give them the active/vocal non-recognition they tirelessly try to bribe others into submitting to, for their own sick gain.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New FSN admission criteria SHOULD be executed on current military leadership

We guess desperate times calls for desperate measures. And although the recent report on the FijiLive website regarding the new FSN admission criteria to be implemented by Fiji's Ministry of Health may seem like a stupid idea (considering the reasons they explained), we thought the criteria is better suited for the current military leadership.

But what is baffling enough is this idea that "looking at academic results plus looking at other factors like deportment, psychology and their general suitability to the profession” is going to CURB THE FLOW OF NURSES TO LUCRATIVE JOBS OVERSEAS. It just won't work because the human instinct to survive and prosper by any means possible (and we are only talking here of LEGAL means) will always enable them to reach for the STARS, whenever it is possible for them, so they can be better off from whence they started.

It's all well and good for humans to establish criterias etc in any form and for the sole purpose of making sure that we abide by them. And when we do, the results create a PLEASANT, HARMONIOUS AND WONDERFUL environment where we coexist respectfully. However, when someone or a group of people decide to overstep this simple human goodness of rules, regulations and agreements, that's when we end up with peope like Voreqe and his military leadership squad and coup supporters.

It's all well and good for the FMH and FSN to come up with an idea like this. However, what if this criteria is implemented on the current crop of military leadership who are currently HOLDING OUR COUNTRY AND ITS FUTURE AT GUNPOINT! Maybe then we will have some semblance of having a future free of coup-monsters and power-mongers!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Military regime's IRRATIONAL DECISION MAKING is and will cost our country's prosperity

The latest hoola-baloo in IRRATIONAL DECISION MAKING by this military regime in terminating the contracts of three recently appointed magistrates is going to and will cost our country now and in the future, IF NOTHING IS DONE BY LAW ABIDING CITIZENS.

What we are seeing is the continued sense of self-interest, self promotion and self preservation by Bainimarama's illegal ministers and in particular the "WEIGHTY" Illegal AG.

As 2010 begins, we would wish that those whose contracts have been prematurely terminated by this military regime will take it upon themselves do produce some good for the nation. By this we mean that, from their preassumably altruistic endeavours to accept the appointments in the first place, thinking that by doing so they'll be assisting Fiji's move forward, and now they have been thrown out, they would utilise the knowledge they have acquired of the workings of this illegal regime to organise and assist those who have rejected Bainimarama's mission right from the beginning to begin a campaign to get rid of these bunch of thieves and losers. But sadly as we have continued to witness, that anyone who seems to be in the military regime's loop, who is seen to be doing what is BEST FOR FIJI, is on the loosing side because maybe what they have done is NOT BEST FOR VOREQE'S FIJI.

Thus the challenge is there for these ousted magistrates to TELL the world and the people of Fiji that Voreqe and his cohorts are only in this for themselves and not for FIJI, as they have tried to brainwashed the people to believe. And to take up the challenge to assist democracy fighters to regain our freedom!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Weighty issue for the Illegal AG...gotta luv this one..hahahaha

I wonder if the Illegal AG saw the humour and the uncanny resemblance in this heading by this Fijilive report:

‘Weighty issues’ for the year ahead

Whether they be from Fiji or India, the Attorney-General or a student, everyone on the streets of Suva saw the dawn of the new year as an opportunity for new beginnings.

FijiLive was out on the capital’s streets in the early hours of the first day of the year to talk to people about their hopes and expectations for the new year.

Most of their resolutions had to do with self-improvement, relationships, and health.

This is what some of them had to say:

Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, Attorney General:
On the professional level, my resolution is to work harder, put in place the reforming and modernising structure for the Bainimarama government. Personally, I would just like to spend more time on losing weight.


Voreqe- who is the OLD ELITE you keep harping about?


My! oh my!...we have to enter the new year with the same old, same old la-dida stories from the government thief and his stooges.

This one again from the ILLEGAL Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama calling on the people of Fiji to break free of the past and join his efforts to modernise Fiji by standing up to the “old elite” is sounding like a broken record (Fijilive).

WHO ARE THE OLD ELITE VOREQE? You can't mean the deposed democratic MULTIPARTY-government because they were by no means at all OLD. Because according to our caluculations, the old elite would mean the Mara and Ganilau dynasty who have held the reins of political power ever since our country became independent. Or is the old elite referring to our chiefs who have held onto power for a while. Is that it?

Then really these WEAK AND LAME EXCUSE of yours to try and box us in with your feeble minded psychological games is not going to work. Your new year's message of your ILLEGAL government’s reform agenda to get the people of Fiji to modernise their outlook and “get out of the little boxes that we have been told to stay in by the past leaders” is a lost cause. Because we have not been in these boxes in the first place. We have moved out of the box of COUPS and usurping powers from those elected by the power of guns to DIALOGUING, COMPROMISING AND RESPECTING EACH OTHER'S FREEDOM AND RIGHTS! It is YOU AND YOUR STOGGES who have been in these archaic boxes who need to come out of it and be modernised.

Your web of lies and deceit has just snowballed to 2010. Your illegal actions in 2006 came at a cost. That is why you will keep struggling to get into the good books of those who support democratic values and rights, because you will never make our country prosperous, until you relinquish the power mongering mission you're currently in and get our nations to elections asap. Change the electoral systems or whatever you think is unethical or racist and just get the people to the polls!