Sunday, November 8, 2009

Is Reddy's SRD funding another one of Voreqe's useless overseas jaunt?

Right after Mr. Reddy increased the bank's SRD, we hear the military dictator Voreqe is going on another overseas jaunt to talk hunger issues and trying in vain to secure EC funds for his foolish dreams of reforms. Is this the reason for the increase? As I have noted in my previous posting, an SRD increase means the regime is trying to make some withdraws from the economy. Is the withdrawal to fund another USELESS OVERSEAS JAUNT FOR THE MILITARY DICTATOR?

I use the term foolish because he can't dialogue with the people of Fiji or our Pacific neighbours, in order to secure the funds he wants for his foolish reforms, but thinks that the EC will listen to him and give him their taxpayers' hard earned cash to fund his reforms. Well, it's just not going to happen any sooner because the EC will definitely get their cues from Australia and New Zealand. How can the EC show respect and credibility to A DICTATOR to give him funds, when this dictator doesn't even show any respect to the ELECTED DEMOCRATIC leaders, who are his neighbours?

And what would the military dictator's contribution to this summit on world hunger be, when the children of Fiji's hardworking families are been driven to extreme poverty since he stole their elected government from them at gunpoint on Dec. 5, 2006? What other issues about Fiji do these leaders want to hear? They have heard it all military dictator. From whom you may ask? From Australia's and New Zealand's elected leaders, among many other elected leaders who like Australia, New Zealand and the law-abiding citizens of Fiji want a return to democratic rule, without military interference.

And this is all Voreqe will be doing, discussing here, discussing there. All the while, all this money that he spends on his useless overseas jaunts can be better spent on EDUCATING OUR CHILDREN SO THEY DON'T END UP TO BE LIKE HIM. HALF-SCHOOLED ON BEING MORALLY RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS. HALF-THINKERS.

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