Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hunt for FNPF exec in Sri Lanka! Yah!

So, we have Sri Lankan judges, Sri Lankan Telecom experts, Sri Lankan bankers, Sri Lankan flour millers, Sri Lankan Vodafoners, Sri Lankan CJ Patelers and soon Sri Lankan FNPF Execs. These are the ones who are going to be "looking after" the Fijian taxpayers' monies that should fund their retirement or their immediate family needs. We are being run by Sri Lankans people! BEWARE!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010 - FIji Times
THE Fiji National Provident Fund is searching for a chief financial officer in Sri Lanka.
FNPF chief executive officer Aisake Taito and human resources manager Jonetani Tonawai are in Colombo to conduct interviews.
Mr Taito confirmed the fund would interview prospective candidates with a view towards recruiting a Sri Lankan to take up the position within the superannuation fund.
The FNPF team will return at the end of the week.
Also in the hunt for Sri Lankan financial experts is Telecom Fiji Limited.
Board chairman Tom Ricketts and member Abraham Simpson are in Colombo to recruit a senior member for tfl's management team.
Mr Ricketts would not comment on the position which they hope to fill but confirmed that he and Mr Simpson would be in Sri Lanka to speak to possible candidates for a management position.
The FNPF and tfl board members left Fiji on Saturday and travelled through Hong Kong.
The tfl board members return to Fiji tomorrow.
Mr Taito said the calibre of candidates for the CFO position was extremely high.
Most applicants had at least one post-graduate degree and many had two undergraduate degrees, he said.
By hiring Sri Lankans, the FNPF and tfl will join the Fiji Development Bank, Flour Mills of Fiji, Vodafone and CJ Patel which have hired financial experts from that country.
The Ministry of Justice has also hired Sri Lankans to fill positions in the judiciary and the magistracy.
Sri Lanka is recognised as a leading provider of financial and engineering experts because of the high standard of education and the large number of people with double degrees.
The judiciary has looked to Sri Lanka for members f the bench because that country's laws are based on British Common Law.
End of story

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hurricanes, Floods, Snails now TERMITES!! What next?

Remember the 7 plagues of Egypt? Is it on our doorstep?

Termites now raiding farm

Tuesday, April 27, 2010
Tests are underway to determine whether the termite scare in the west will be extended to farms.

The termites that have eaten their way through wooden homes and buildings in the West were found to have also consumed a cassava patch over the weekend.

Permanent Secretary for Agriculture Colonel Mason Smith says tests are underway to see the extent of this new area of damage.

“The survey that we carried out last weekend, we found one cassava that has been eaten by the termites. However we felt that this was a very localised incident because of the fact that the termite nest was right beside the cassava patch. We don’t think at this stage that the termite feeds on cassava, we still feel that it feeds on the infrastructure, wood that is used for building houses.”

Meanwhile Smith says their teams will comb the western division in an effort to eradicate these termites.

“The commissioner western and his team have already deployed an awareness campaign that is currently ongoing. We are now dealing with a number of companies to try and source chemicals for the eradication of these termites. We are also up and running in the western division as far as the whole logistics of the operation is concerned and we should be fully operational within the week.”

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Vocea spews forth FALSE HOPE again!

Fiji’s public sector and land use have been named as among the key longstanding structural issues which have been serious impediments to the country’s economic growth for at least the last two decades. OH REALLY? THE COUPS HAVE BEEN THE "serious impediments to the country’s economic growth for at least the last two decades" Vocea. Where have you been - up Voreqe's nether regions or what?

Fiji’s ILLEGAL  ambassador to the European Union, Peceli Vocea made the point at a meeting with the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, a government statement said.

Vocea met with Rompuy to present his credentials as Fiji’s ILLEGAL ambassador to the European Council which defines the general political direction and priorities of the European Union.

Vocea said government had embarked on addressing some of the structural issues including the public sector and land use policy reforms. He noted that an International Monetary Fund team is in Fiji to discuss areas where IMF assistance can be effective. YES, ALL IMF IS DOING IS DISCUSSING UNTIL YOU AND YOUR BUNCH OF THIEVES GIVE US BACK OUR GOVERNMENT.

He also acknowledged the European Commission-funded program to help Fiji’s fish exports regain entry to the EU. YOU SEE, STILL TRYING TO REGAIN ENTRY, ARE WE VOCEA? GIVE US BACK OUR GOVERNMENT AND ENTRY WILL BE GRANTED PRONTO!

The signing of the interim Economic Partnership Agreement had ensured that trade with the EU, particularly on sugar, continued without disruption. HOW IS THIS INTERIM PARTNERSHIP HELPING OUR SUGAR ECONOMY AND THE RATIONING OF SUGAR FOR THE PEOPLE?

The statement said it is hoped that more benefits will be derived from the agreement once the notification process had been completed. THERE WE GO AGAIN...MORE FALSE HOPE. HOPE TIKO!

On Vocea’s update on developments with regards to government’s roadmap, Rompuy assured that the EU will keep a line of dialogue open with Fiji and was hopeful that an earlier resolution of the political problems could be found. AGAIN VOCEA, YOU SEE WHAT THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY WANT - AN EARLIER RESOLUTION TO YOU AND YOUR KINS TO GIVE US BACK OUR GOVERNMENT PEACEFULLY WITHOUT ANY FURTHER DELAY!

(From FijiLive with TFF comments)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

How can our "kerekere" culture be ridden off?

 Villagers urged to get rid of 'kerekere' culture

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Villagers have been urged to move away from the 'kerekere' system Taken from / By: Google
People in villages should focus on income generating sources and move away from subsistence agriculture in order to get rid of the ‘kerekere’ culture.

Strategic Framework for Change Coordinating Office representative Kisoko Cagituevei made these comments at the Ra Provincial Council meeting in Nanukuloa yesterday.

He says the culture of ‘kerekere’ has become synonymous with the indigenous Fijians and it’s a stumbling block for development. 

We, at TFF would like to know what data Cagituevei has that proves that our culture of "kerekere" is a stumbling block for our development. We cannot IGNORE our culture and think that ridding of such practices will magically make us all successful. Successful in what or whose terms?

Cagituevei stressed that provincial councils should now preach the gospel of development to its people and to move away from the usual exchange of motions that normally fill the two-day meeting.

He says provincial councils should align themselves with Government’s development programs. Well this is more of the regime's propaganda than anything that is proactive and sustainable in the long term. Cagituevei should tell us then that him and his family has never ever gone to another to "kerekere" in their whole lifetime. That is totally unbelievable. Our customs and our culture and traditions make us who we are as a people. You cannot just come in and bulldoze your ideals and think it will work. Never! It takes time, changes in attitudes and minds, and most importantly one that the people will know will change for the better for them. Kerekere is here to stay, whether you like it or not.

Cagituevei also called on the people of Ra to use land for economic purposes. More like sell it off to the highest bidder and never to see them again for their own use for their future generations to come.
Fiji Broadcasting Corporation

Thursday, April 15, 2010


We, at Tears for Fiji would like to show our support, gratitude and send our thoughts and prayers, to the two senior police officers and their families for standing up to the ILLEGALLY APPOINTED Police Head.

Whatever you did or said to this nong is obviously fitting and well-deserved to be mentioned, to a big COWARD and LOSER, who was given this enormous task ahead of REAL POLICEMEN and WOMEN ONLY because he is one of Voreqe's masipoloist. What does a deck-hand know about policing?

And to Ema and whoever that supports this BIG COWARD in Fiji's Police Force, your day and time will come. And when that day comes, you will run girl, as fast as you can like Rabuka.

Our police force has been militarised and brought down to its knees by a bunch of IDIOTS!!!! So true! It's time the police force members pre-December 5, 2006 who really have the hard-training and the values that they are renowed for, TAKE BACK WHAT WAS STOLEN FROM YOU!

Police insubordination

Friday, April 16, 2010 (Fiji Times)
TWO senior police officers who were suspended for insubordination are now in police custody. Police spokeswoman Ema Dimila said the Fiji Police Force would not condone actions that undermined their standards of discipline and ethics.
Police Commissioner Esala Teleni had ordered investigations into the allegations of insubordination.
Ms Dimila said the special police team investigated allegations of unfaithfulness and rebellious attitudes toward the running of the police force and its new leader.
She said it was important for senior officers to show allegiance to the Force.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ILLEGAL AG at it again!

We are not lawyers, but just plain law-abiding citizens who have lived through ALL the coups that our beloved nation had to endure under those who have the GUNS! And since before and after December 5, 2006, when Voreqe and his army were beginning to undermine the rule of law and the democratic process we have been enjoying, which resulted in them RAPING us of our democratic rights and freedom, we have continued to add to the voice of those of us who champion and believe in the democratic ideals that has set us free since the birth of our independent nation.

Thus, when we hear the likes of Illegal AG raising issues in the media because he believes he is the ONLY one that may have the knowledge to do so, this latest rhetoric regarding the self-preservation IMMUNITY decree they have sneakily awarded themselves, as coup instigators and perpetrators is just another SIGN that they are fighting a losing battle - No matter how long they have been, in STOLEN power for!

The Illegal AG "has told journalists that the decree consolidates a number of related decrees implemented since 1988  (Available here: ) and was enshrined in the 1990 constitution and 1997 Constitutions.

The decree, he said grants immunity to prescribed persons for the involvement of participation in the political events of 2000 and the abrogation of the constitution in April last year." (FijiLive -

This is why having decrees under STOLEN power is and will not be a good idea for our small nation, which has an overinflated military with overinflated egos to go with it.

As the ELECTED PM of Samoa mentioned, and we will reiterate here again, Decrees are the makings of a GUILTY person (people) trying to save their behind from the wrath of the rule of law as observed and respected by law abiding citizens.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Illegal AG and Illegal PM and Illegal Ministers etc etc.

Just as the interim government of Kyrgzstan has stated, Immunity is NOT GUARANTEED for those who steal power by vote rigging or corruption. Your time will come!
March 2005: Protests over disputed election, dubbed the Tulip Revolution, lead to fall of President Askar Akayev
July 2005: Kurmanbek Bakiyev elected president by a landslide
October 2007: Referendum approves constitutional changes, which the opposition present as a step towards authoritarianism
December 2007: Bakiyev's Ak Zhol party wins parliamentary poll; opposition left with no seats
July 2009: Bakiyev re-elected in vote criticised by monitors
7 April 2010: Bakiyev ousted in violent protests; interim government takes over
13 April 2010: Interim government removes Bakiyev's immunity from prosecution

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bainimarama "SELLS" Fiji to China!

The leadership of the current Fiji ILLEGAL Government will certainly make the country a paradise for SHARK investors, says China’s Ambassador Dr. Han Zhiqiang.

He made the comments in Suva last night at the Fiji Chinese Pioneering Achievement Awards for various industrial sectors, where ILLEGAL Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama was chief guest.

Dr Han said the ILLEGAL Government’s national development strategy establishes (EXARCEBATES) Fiji’s prosperity (POVERTY-LINE) through the numerous reforms that are taking place.

“We have seen reforms within the public service, legislations and decrees introduced to safeguard the economy AND THE ILLEGAL GOVERNMENT FROM PROSECUTION IN AN ELECTED GOVERNMENT'S COURT OF LAW.

“We believe that under the leadership of the ILLEGAL Fiji government, Fiji will become a paradise for SHARK investors,” he said.

Bainimarama urged the Chinese business community for their support, to be committed to HIS ILLEGAL Government’s objective.

“You must participate in the changes and mindset that my ILLEGAL Government is bringing about. For after all, the objectives, will, when fully implemented, bring about peace and economic prosperity within CHINA'S Fiji,” the ILLEGAL PM said.

The nine companies awarded last night were:

•    Kaiming Agro Processing Limited – Agriculture Development Award
•    King’s Neon Sign – Advertisement Production Award
•    Zen’s Medical Clinic – Specialised Services Award
•    Copyer Marketing – Office Devices Services Award
•    Taiwan Timber Co. Ltd – Forestry and Aquaculture Award
•    Yong Shan Plastic Manufacturing Co. Ltd – Manufacturing Award
•    George Group – Food Industry Award
•    San Xing Co. Ltd – Diversification Operation Award
•    Star Amusements Ltd – Real Estate Development Award 

April 11, 2010 09:59:36 AM (FIJILIVE)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

World Bank to support land reforms? hmmm

World Bank to visit Fiji

Tuesday, April 06, 2010
A team from the World Bank in Washington is expected in the country this month.


Bainimarama says the World Bank has given their support for the initiative which is expected to benefit cane farmers. WHAT EXACTLY IS THE FORM OF THIS SUPPORT? BE SPECIFIC YARRR...AGAIN, THE WORLD BANK DOES NOT OWN FIJI'F LAND.

During his recent tours around the country, the Prime Minister says he has heard first hand the struggle and problems cane farmers go through. WELL, THE STRUGGLES AND PROBLEMS WERE EXACERBATED ON DECEMBER 5, 2006. HMMM...ILLEGAL PM ANY IDEA WHY? WELL YOU SHOULD KNOW BECAUSE YOU'RE THE CAUSE OF THE STRUGGLE AND PROBLEMS.

He says plans are in place to assist these farmers with the support of the World Bank, beginning with land reforms which will have a long term positive effect. WHAT DOES THIS LAND REFORM MEAN? WHAT IS IT GOING TO LOOK LIKE? SO, IF IT STARTS WITH LAND REFORMS THEN WHAT EXACTLY IS THE WORLD BANK'S SUPPORT GOING TO BE? HOW LONG WILL THIS TAKE?

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation 


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Implications of the Singapore Media Model on Us!

FijiVillage (Media will be familiar with decree: AG Publish date/time: 01/04/2010 [17:05]) reported that the ILLEGAL AG said the proposed decree will focus on the Code Of Ethics which was introduced by the Fiji Media Council.

He said with the contents included in the decree, it will be easier to enforce issues in relation to the different aspects of the media.
He also  said the government has also considered the Media Development Authority model used in Singapore and the US laws have been considered in relation to media ownership.


As Alex Au of Singapore argues "the true intention [of the media model] is to buttress the continued political dominance of the People's Action Party, and to do so partly by promoting the Government's social engineering efforts."

We are REAL PEOPLE NOT some machines to be socially engineered!

That is interesting indeed because according to some research on the media model used in Singapore, these are some of the interesting findings as recorded in Wikipedia (


The Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts is the government's regulatory body that imposes and enforces regulation over locally-produced media content. It also decides on the availability of published media from abroad.
In its Annual Worldwide Press Freedom Index for 2004, Reporters Without Borders ranked Singapore 147 out of 167. Most of the local media are directly or indirectly controlled by the government through shareholdings of these media entities by the state's investment arm Temasek Holdings, and are often perceived as pro-government[3]. William Gibson's Disneyland with the Death Penalty described Singapore's newspapers as "essentially organs of the state"[4], while political scientist and opposition politician James Gomez has studied the role of self-censorship in restricting expression in Singapore.


The Newspaper and Printing Presses Act of 1974 states:
No person shall print or publish or assist in the printing or publishing of any newspaper in Singapore unless the chief editor or the proprietor of the newspaper has previously obtained a permit granted by the Minister authorising the publication thereof, which permit the Minister may in his discretion grant, refuse or revoke, or grant subject to conditions to be endorsed thereon.
—Newspaper and Printing Presses Act of 1974, Cap. 206, Sec. 21. —(1)

Furthermore, restrictions on importing foreign newspapers to Singapore exist, most especially for politically-sensitive publications. For instance, Malaysia's New Straits Times newspaper can't be imported into Singapore (likewise, Singapore's Straits Times can't be exported to Malaysia).


The Government of Singapore argues that censorship of violence and sexual themes is necessary as the Singaporean populace is deeply conservative, and censorship of political, racial and religious content is necessary to avoid upsetting the balance of Singapore's delicate multi-racial society. K Bhavani, spokesperson of the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts, has stated:
In relaxing our censorship policies, the Government needs to take into account the concerns and values of the majority of Singaporeans. Our people are still largely conservative. Hence, the Government needs to balance between providing greater space for free expression and the values upheld by the majority.[3]
Commentators such as Alex Au, on the other hand, argue that the true intention is to buttress the continued political dominance of the People's Action Party, and to do so partly by promoting the Government's social engineering efforts.[4]