Saturday, November 28, 2009

From the Illegal President to the Illegal CJ and All in Between - Their Words Continue to Shock-the System!

If one who is in his/her right mind reads the following news items, it just doesn't make sense.

Judiciary to implement fair recruitment system

Yes, nepotism and croynism as it is practised by this military regime is NOT A GOOD THING because they have blatantly paraded this very concept infront of us, for example, Meli Bainimarama brother of Voreqe Bainimarama now over 55, but still employed in his capacity as CEO of the Ministry of Fisheries and Foresty. However, they should not penalise others who have been trained and have the REAL merit and experience to hold such positions as indicated in the first story about judiciary appointments only because they have blood or marriage relations with another person in the same department.

In Fiji, Fijians are all related somehow or another. So, I think this utopian of creating "
A fair recruitment system which generates racial balance that would reflect the true ethnic composition of Fiji" will only be of benefit for non-Fijians like the Sri Lankans who have flooded our courts.

This new form is a blatant abuse of ones individual rights to equal opportunity based on their education, knowledge, expertise and REAL HARDWORK, unlike the shoe-ins that have now over-populated our government offices as a result of the NEPOTISM AND CROYNISM practiced by Voreqe and his military regime.

But the most dumbfounded piece of advice of all was this utterance by the Illegal CJ -
(quote) The Chief Justice also revealed that there will be a review of the Guideline Principles and Code of Conduct for Judges, Magistrates and Lawyers by the Judiciary next year and necessary changes will be made to hold people accountable and true to their oaths (unquote). Can we start with you Mr. Illegal CJ, please?

Now on to the next item. Can the Illegal SG clearly demonstrate what "substantial development and reforms" have been enabled by the introduction of the 49 laws, especially in the field of "freedom of information"? Because from where we are standing the P.E.R is still in place, media censors are still in the media outlets censoring what's broadcasted and printed and the Illegal PM has been quoted to tell the people of Fiji to not believe all that they read, especially in the blogs. Which does show that they only want to continue to brainwash the people of Fiji with their hunky-dory developments all the while buying militarymen's loyalty with blood money.

49 laws introduced

And last but not least, continuing with the nonsense of how this military regime keeps thinking that their coup is a good coup with all the lies right from the onset before Dec. 5 2006, the Illegal President continues with this talk of solving disputes through mediation CONVENIENTLY FORGETTING that the unnecessary dispute they have befallen on the people of Fiji have been numerous times by numerous legitimate entities tried to be solved through mediation. But because the military regime officials are so thick, disrespectful and morally irresponsible people they tend to forget that they are NOT PRACTICING WHAT THEY PREACH. Therefore, like the wind, their words appear and disappear into thin air without even a glimpse of approval from the peace loving people of Fiji and the world.

Thus, their mission, as altruistic as they think it might be will only result in more heartaches and struggles for our children and unborn children. Because they will have to carry the burden of paying the debts socially, morally, psychologically and financially that this military regime has KNOWINGLY BESTOWED on them. For that our prayers and thoughts are with our children and unborn children. So, what can we do now to assist them?
Employment Law to benefit all : (Illegal) President

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