Wednesday, November 18, 2009

NZ is best govt., - In-your-face Voreqe!

Well, I wonder if Voreqe heard/read the news that the New Zealand government has been ranked as the least corrupt by Transparency International. Now, that's a BIG IN-YOUR-FACE, VOREQE! You see, as you try and paint NZ in a bad way, at least the New Zealand government is doing what elected officials do for their country - the BEST! Unlike go off on taxpayers money to speak to world leaders thinking that your presence there makes you ACCEPTABLE IN THEIR CIRCLE OF LEADERS, you better think again. Because from all the reports done by overseas journalist, this is an example of what they have to say about you:

Reuters Pictures 19 hours ago

Fiji coup leader and self-appointed Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama speaks at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) headquarters during a food security summit in Rome November 17, 2009.


You see, you may want to adorn the glasses to make you look intelligent, and read a piece you cannot write yourself, let alone think about it deeply, or even sound convincing delivering it, you're still this outside your circle of thieves, liars and losers - COUP LEADER AND SELF-APPOINTED PM.

Therefore, no matter how many reforms, decrees, reviews, forums etc you think is going to make world leaders give you funds to assist you, it's NOT GOING TO HAPPEN UNTIL FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS TAKES PLACE!

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