Monday, February 2, 2009

Fiji army to go...don't we know that already!

Ever since this so-called clean-up campaign by gun-wielding idiots took place, we freedom bloggers have been saying all along that the Fiji military MUST GO!

Now we have a Pacific leader finally admitting that this has been our problem all along. Hmmm but will the Fiji militia take heed....from history, cowards don't give up easily so, for these cowards it will probably be a do or die!

Fiji military must go: Samoa PM

The Samoan Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sailele Malilelegaoi, says Fiji must get rid of its armed military forces for there to be peace in the country, Radio New Zealand reports.

Tuilaepa said he thinks Fiji’s future is uncertain, and even if elections are held there is no guarantee that a civilian government could not be toppled.

He says if there is a return to civilian government, he feels there will be many other military leaders like Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama in the future.

Tuilaepa says it is very easy to pick up a gun and wave it at people.

He says if the military leaders truly want to support the wider public, they should volunteer to leave the military and prepare for elections.

Tuilaepa says many capable Fijians cannot contribute because positions have been filled by army personnel who have no expertise in the work they are given.

Tuilaepa also describes Commodore Bainimarama as inexperienced in international relations, unused to governing a country, and only wanting praise.