Monday, June 29, 2009

Futuristic Police Vision

This report in the Fijilive website just made me chuckle. The images conjured up in my mind when reading this report makes me wonder if the Transformers, Star Trek and Star Wars fever have infected the Fiji Popos. Read on and let me know what images you see...

New Police HQ to alleviate rental costs
June 29, 2009 03:24:59 PM

A new $20m twin tower complex for the Fiji Police Force is expected to alleviate excessive costs in rentals of office spaces by centralizing all operations in one location. And the agreement signed today confirmed Government’s acceptance of Fijian Holdings Limited to construct and maintain the complex under the Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) deal.

The period is for 20 years, at the expiry of which the complex becomes the property of the Fiji Government.Defence Minister Ratu Epeli Ganilau said the need for a new police HQ has long been awaited, involving hours of talks over the years.“But it was not until early last year that my ministry began to make earnest negotiations on the project working gradually towards this day.“ This project is anticipated to boost in all forms the futuristic vision of the commissioner to translate the Police Force into a vibrant and robust institution,” he said.

As well, the new HQ and modern technologies will certainly facilitate and enhance service delivery at its very best to the nation.“The systems and processes will be streamlined and strengthened for efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of services to the public and meet to challenges of emerging crimes or other threats to our peoples and resources. Ratu Epeli added that upon occupation of the proposed complex by Fiji police, the expected rental has been calculated to be well within the current total rental of $1.3million per year.

Monday, June 22, 2009

New Non-racial Constitution...Oh my!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Exclusion from forum talks angers Fiji

Aha! so Fiji's Trade and Commerce Ministry is now throwing a tantrum about getting excluded from the PIF meetings. Well didn't their illegal PM tell them that he DOESN'T NEED ANYBODY TO HELP HIM/THEM to move Fiji forward, except of course for CHINDIA. But probably what their illegal leader failed to clarify was that the move forward without CONCRETE PIF AND INTERNATIONAL ASSISTANCE would result in them ending up in La-la-destituteland.

And most annoyingly is the bull-crap spewed out of Aiyaz's stinking mouth as reported in Fijilive. Who does he think he is? Fiji has been suspended from PIF. Therefore, the current illegal leaders of Fiji does not have the authority to be dictating terms to a democratic organisation like the PIF.

Some words/phrases that Aiyaz used included: credibility, Pacific way, incluse approach, legal validity, new approach, mutual respect, genuine cooperation, level playing field, etc.

Jeez if he was using these words in a legal election campaign we might just believe him, BUT sadly for him it is not so and WE ALL SEE RIGHT THROUGH HIS CRAP! SORRY FULORI, FAIL AGAIN!

As the saying goes - Tu na DUH!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


As reported on BBC the Iranians have endured the oppression for a long time. And especially within the last two years they have had enough. They have held onto hope for so long and after the disastrous election results, nothing can stop them from spilling into the streets and universities of Iran to PROTEST!!! The current protests has been unprecedented especially for an Islamic Republic like Iran. The bottom line is - the people of Iran want DEMOCRACY!!! and they are fighting PEACEFULLY ON THE STREETS to gain it.

Yes, there were some burning and stuff but it is known that these are just hooligans doing it. Mousavi, the opposition leader has been calling for PEACEFUL RESISTANCE, because they know the government is trying very hard to provoke the protesters into RIOTING so they can discredit their fight for democracy and also have an excuse to use their militia to go after these demonstrators, like they did at some universities' dormitories.

As we read Voreqe's account to the cane farmers about not relying on the EU funds and other news, we think sooner rather than later something will have to give from the people. Two years is a long time to wait for UNPRODUCTIVITY. And to think we have to wait for the next five years - that SHOULD BE UNACCEPTABLE.


Just like the Iranians started their own internet revolution to send out messages for PEACEFUL GATHERING, we should too. And if their international soccer stars can bring attention to their suffering and their peaceful mission by wearing green wristbands (the colour of the opposition) at the FIFA qualifying game vs Korea on Wednesday June 17 2009, our international players who support freedom should try it too. But ever since 5/12 there has been a lack of support from these professionals in the playing arena.

Praying and fasting is a wonderful thing, but divine intervention will not fall from Heaven like manna, we also have to take action! The walls of Jericho fell because God told the Israelites to march around the city once a day for six days, following the Ark. On the seventh day, He had them go around seven times.

Then He had them blow their horns and shout. And the walls of Jericho fell down. The Israelites captured the city because they obeyed God.

Let the Blue Silent March begin so we regain our promised "Milk and Honey"!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lessons from Iran

Wow!! Beats me really as I watched the news to witness the huge number of liberal Iranians, especially women and young men and women taking to the streets of Tehran to protest the results of an election these opposition leader's supporters clearly believe was RIGGED! And the thing that strikes me was the fact that the supporters DEFIED ORDERS BY AHMADINEJAD'S GOVERNMENT not to protest.

But protest they did in the thousands. Even at the Tehran University young Iranians gathered secretly to protest.

Here we see a Muslim nation of young people totally fed-up with the hardline stand taken by Ahmadinejad for so long that they needed change. And with their large numbers (remember the govt. didn't allow any independent observers to observe and monitor the election) both in Iran and Abroad, they know that they have the numbers. But to have Ahmadinejad win by 62% was for them unbelieveable and unacceptable.

Their leader Mousavi is calling for another election. The Ayatollah is calling for an investigation. The liberal people of Iran are exercising their rights and people power and are STANDING AND MARCHING FOR IT.

Jusr after the last broadcast we read that someone has been shot and killed by the security forces. But Mousavi calls for PEACEFUL PROTESTS.

So, if the Muslims of Iran can defy orders and protest for what they believe in, why can't the Christians, Hindus and Muslims of Fiji do so too?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Leader Leung for Fiji's Presidency and PM

Our fearless and intelligent man-of-the-moment, Mr. Graham Leung will be our first vote for a combined Presidency and Prime Ministerial role come election time.

If this courageous and real Fiji warrior can give up his livelihood as a symbol to the military dictators that real power rests not with your guns or money, especially ones that are stolen from the people, but by the power of how you value freedom, democratic rights and liberty, then Mr. Leung is our answer to South Africa's Nelson Mandela.

If African leaders like Mandela (South Africa) and Tsvangirai (Zimbabwe), can withstand imprisonment and torture for the restoration of democracy in their homelands after all the woes brought by systems and people who wear them down by imposing tough actions like military power, then our very own Mr. Leung is the only Fiji leader we now see as someone we, the people of Fiji can look up to.

We know it is probably a humungous responsibility that we, the people have to put on Mr. Leung's shoulders, but we have been waiting for a real strong, fearless, intelligent and open-minded leader who can lead by his/her actions, not just words.

Mr. Leung thus far has been the only one who has accomplished both, and for that we believe he also knows that like he said himself, we don't have a second chance. It is NOW!

So, spread the word - Graham Leung for Fiji's Presidency and Prime Minister

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Let's have a meeting about a meeting

The recent proclamation by the illegal PM Bainimarama about the scrapping of the PPDF, in-favour of yet another roadmap, of whatever purpose it will serve, who knows, is another total waste of time, energy and resources. It is being used to steal time from the true value of restoring our democracy as soon as possible, for their own self-serving deviant purposes.

We guess, since the President abrogated the Constitution, which Voreqe and his Samy-devised- charter once pledged allegiance to, they can't be having a forum set-up by the President (albeit indirectly because it's only just the use of his titular position that gives it merit). Because that would not be credible...just like all the high-and-mighty missions they have tried to accomplish without any tangible, real or concrete results. Except only the fact they continue to drag our nation down into the abyss of total destruction: economically, politically, socially and spiritually.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ex-Fiji magistrate asks for immunity - WHAT??

Ok fine, one is innocent until proven guilty BUT to apply for IMMUNITY from prosecution because one committed the crime as a magistrate or judicial officer, as in the case of this Sunil Kumar is just a blatant abuse of power. Much like what Voreqe and his supporters are doing right now.

Maybe a review of the code, which Kumar is applying for immunity for, should be considered. Under Section 15 of the Penal Code, it states: "Except as expressly provided by this code, a judicial officer is not criminally responsible for anything done or omitted to be done by him in the exercise of his judicial functions, although the act done is in excess of his judicial authority or although bound to do the act omitted to be done".

I mean, as long as these kinds of codes are in place to protect the higher echelon of the professional society, criminals will be abound; may it be hard, petty or blue-collar.

The fact of the matter is, if you're an evil nobody you get to pay for your crime, but if you're an evil somebody you manipulate the rule of law to protect your sorry self! How sad that those in positions of responsibility (or those who stole these positions by the barrels of their guns like Voreqe) can get away with this.

We must not let the excuse of IMMUNITY be entertained when the time comes for corrupt individuals and government thieves stand trial for their crimes against the humanity of the people of Fiji.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Another month's extension for PER: Our demise or our chance?

It is not really unbelievable to think that the PER will NOT be extended, as long as these military goons are in power. Their lame excuse for "social/national stability" is a thin veil that is as transparent as their own lies. The moral of the story relating to the "Emperor's new (non-existent) clothes" suits this evil regime well.

It does remind me of the "axis of evil" phenomena championed by George Bush during his reign as the American President. Our very own "axis of evil" runs between China-Fiji-India. With Fiji sandwiched in the middle, soon we are going to be squashed and by the time we try and come out for a breathe of air, we'll be gasping!!!!!
We continue to hear the condescending voices of these illegal leaders. Leweni said 'it was to be expected that the initial period of the re-building process would naturally be difficult for some members of the public to understand.' Really?? Difficult??


Herein lies the problem; thick-headed, self-serving illegal leaders of a NATION... imagine that!...A NATION!!! We're not talking about their own little family or personal kingdomhood, but a people, a multicultural race, a culture, traditions - A NATION!

And while they push, shove, bully and boss us around, what are we doing about it?? Sitting and waiting. Fair enough no one wants to die, but at the same time we know that something has got to give!

Another month of the extension of the PER, then another and another. Soon it will be 2014 or beyond! We would have grown old. Our children would have grown up. And grandchildren growing. What then?
Will we still be Sitting. Waiting. Wishing. Hoping.

Mandarin, Cantonese or Ichinese anyone?

Is Aiyaz saying there's a lack of "knowledge base" in Fiji? What happened? Did the "knowledge base" all disappear into thin air? Now they are looking to Chinese "knowledge" to prop up their military regime. We could believe that considering they have the "knowledge base" of the likes of Driti the Dirtster, Roko Ului, the two Evelis, Lewensky, Qiliho and last of all pig man Voreqe!

Funny how birds-of-the-same- dictators'-feather flock together!!

China skill aid sought

Chinese skill aid sought
The Government is looking to China not just for trade and investment dollars.

It is also seeking Chinese help with skills to boost the country’s “knowledge base” capacity.

Attorney-General and Trade Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum told a visiting Chinese delegation the Government is “thinking outside the box”.

It is liberalising the economy to unleash Fiji’s potential for the benefit of both its people and trade partners, he said.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said Fiji is also keen to capitalise on China’s vast “knowledge base”.

Plus the advantages in technology, and trade expertise China can provide.

The bilateral trade relationship with China netted the Fiji economy $US93.07 million last year. This is a rise of 36.4 per cent on the previous year.

The Government wants to develop this further.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said a solid history of mutually beneficial trade deals and a like-mindedness will further cement the China-Fiji trade relationship.

The Trade and Investment Bureau hosted 40 Chinese officials and entrepreneurs to further build cooperation between the countries.

China’s deputy commerce minister accompanied the delegation.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Voreqe's FINAL say when it suits him

Has anyone ever wondered that when it comes to LEGAL matters pertaining to this treasonous act of robbing the peoples' elected government at gunpoint, Voreqe ALWAYS says that it was the weak President's decision? From the first decision by the President to support the overthrow of the government, to the sackings, to the MOMENTOUS abrogation of the Constitution, to his reappointment as illegal PM, to the laws by decrees afterwards etc etc, Voreqe ALWAYS says to the people of Fiji and the international community that it was the PRESIDENT'S SOLE DECISION.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Another example of Voreqe's lack of democratic values

The ultimatum given by the illegal PM to the Methodist Church to remove Rev. Lasaro and Rev. Kanailagi without due process, as explained by the current administration holders of the Methodist Church, is another clear sign of the lack of depth of understanding and respect Voreqe has for the democratic values we, law-abiding citizens know is the best system of governing that exists (never mind its inadequacies because that would only be the faults of individuals not the system).

As clearly explained by the Church leaders, there are a MYRIAD of issues that affect the whole Church that needs to be discussed in a well-oiled and organised forum such as the yearly church conference. Of course, Voreqe with his short-sighted vision and thinking will never ever TRY to find the real value of all these meetings because it will undermine his total grip on STOLEN POWER!

We say to the Methodist Church, approach the Roko Tui Dreketi and ask her if she and her province can still cater for them in the meeting capacity then go for it! If what they say about the issues to be discussed is that important, then why should they listen and follow the rulings of someone who stole power at the barrel of his guns, rejected the chiefs, released murderers before their time, lied to Pacific and international leaders and abrogated the Constitution, only for his OWN GOOD!

We had better be GOOD NOBODIES than EVIL SOMEBOY!!!!

No politics

Saturday, June 06, 2009 (Fiji Times Online)

THE Government will only hold further discussions with the Methodist Church if it removes politics and instigators from this year's annual conference.

Information Ministry permanent secretary Lieutenant-Colonel Neumi Leweni said Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama had made his stand known to church president Reverend Ame Tugaue and general secretary Reverend Tuikilakila Waqairatu.

"Until they meet what is wanted, we cannot hold further discussions," Lt-Col Leweni said.

Mr Tugaue said they agreed to remove political issues from their meeting but could not remove senior ministers Reverend Manasa Lasaro and Reverend Tomasi Kanailagi.

He said they had informed Commodore Bainimarama they did not have the power to remove the two ministers because it was an issue that would have to be discussed by the members.

"The decision to remove anyone from the meeting should be discussed, motioned and supported by the members of the meeting and not decided by any senior member - that is the procedure," Mr Tugaue said.

He said despite their assurance that politics would not be part of the agenda, Commodore Bainimarama was firm on his views about the two ministers.

Mr Tugaue said there would be problems if the annual meeting was not held because important issues need to be discussed and decisions made.

"We need to have the meeting so that we can discuss the work of evangelism, the Young People's Department, Women's and Men's Fellowship, Davuilevu Theological College, Land and Property, Finance Dilkusha Home, Ba mission Hospital, retirement of ministers over the age of 70 years, new postings for graduate reverends, postings for reverends who have served for more than five years and postings of reverends to circuits and divisions due to death ," he said

He said all these issues are the core functions of the church and its operation if the meeting was not held since the members of the meetings which included reverends, divisional superintendents, senior stewards have to decide on these issues.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Audio slideshow: Tiananmen Square

The massacre of pro-democracy supporters by Chinese troops in Beijing on the 3-4 June 1989 marked the end of the largest political protest in communist China's history.

James Miles - the BBC's China correspondent at the time - spoke to the crowds in Tiananmen Square in the weeks before the violence. Here - using his and other archive material - we recall how events unfolded.

I remember the day I stood on Tiannamen Square in 1997. After a long trip from across the waters standing there on a cool day watching the Chinese fly kites and seeing the people as they squat and talk or just walk around pondering, it seems surreal to think that one day, I would be part of the group of freedom protesters who blog online to give attention to our same plight back at home - the struggle to regain our destiny.

As the struggle between illegal government and Church drags on, our only reminder again to our leaders, Nothing comes easy or without someone paying a prize.

We can't keep waiting for OTHERS to come and protest peacefully on our behalf! It's US who must stand up for US!

Give me liberty! or Give me death!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Church ban will remain, says Fiji PM

One wonders how the Church can rid itself of its politics when the very people who are members of the Church are the very ones whose lives have been affected by the ill-conceived mission by a band of thugs who have taken it upon themselves illegally to be involved in politics.

This is the very reason our Fiji does not need an ARMY WITH GUNS...we could have an army but get rid of the guns!

Voreqe's much touted rhetoric of the church to remove politics then HE can give the go ahead for the conference to be held, must be posed back to him...THE ARMY MUST STOP MEDDLING IN POLITICAL ISSUES THEY HAVE NO INTELLIGENCE IN LEADING, THEN WE WILL BE BETTER OFF AS PEACE LOVING AND THRIVING CITIZENS!

The excuse of "social stability" is as lame as it comes!

June 03, 2009 05:25:08 PM

Fiji Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has turned down a request by leaders of the country’s largest Christian church to lift the ban on its annual conference in August.

Bainimarama told FijiLive that unless the church rids itself of politics it’s much-anticipated annual conference will not be given the green light.

“Basically the conference will happen once they remove politics not only from their agenda but from the church too,” he said.

Bainimarama said he had reiterated to the church president Reverend Ame Tugaue this morning his military council’s stand on the matter, and its reasons for canceling the meeting.

“We have requested the church president to remove politics from church and they can go ahead with the conference.

“The Methodist church leaders, however, remain adamant to continue with politics in the church,” he said.

Government spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni further clarified that in the meeting with the PM and senior military officers in Suva this morning, Reverend Tugaue pleaded to have the conference go ahead as scheduled.

“However the president and secretary of the church seemed reluctant to address the issue of removing politics by dealing with the instigators,” said Lt Col Leweni.

“Commodore Bainimarama said in view of their reluctance to adhere to Government's request, it has left him with no option but to defer the Methodist conference indefinitely.”

Lt Col Leweni added that “Government will not be swayed by anything and will not allow elements to destabilise the country and detract us from our vision of Building a Better Fiji”.

“We again appeal to the public to respect the rule of law and not be misled by foolishness of a few in trying to cause instability,” he said.

Eni should really think first before he speaks...really!

June 02, 2009 07:37:33 PM (FIJILIVE)

Samoa’s delegate to the US House of Representatives has labeled sanctions on the Fiji Government by its neighbours Australia and New Zealand as “shameful”. WHAT ABOUT BRANDING VOREQE'S COUP AS SHAMEFUL TOO..HUH?

In comparison, Eni Faleomavaega said the current US policy is “still light on their sanctions against countries which commit coups”. THAT'S FOR THE US TO DEAL WITH, NOT OUR PROBLEM. A COUP IS A COUP. PERIOD!

“We really haven’t put the hammer on Fiji the way that sanctions usually take place,” he said at a press conference at the Holiday Inn in Suva today after a two day visit here.

“I think there is a lot of opportunity available for dialogue and where the US can be available.” DIALOGUE??? WHAT DIALOGUE??? VOREQE, THE COUP MASTER DOESN'T KNOW THE MEANING OF DIALOGUE...ALL HE KNOWS IS SOME KIND OF MONOTONE TONGUE LASHING.


“And I use the classy example of Paul Manueli – a former commander of the Fiji military and former Senator. He was denied a visa to get his knees operated on. That to me is very unfair. He had to go to India to get his visa.” WHOOPEY-DO!!! PEOPLE GET TORTURED AND MURDERED IN FIJI BY THE VERY FIJI MILITARY THAT WAS MEANT TO PROTECT THEM.

“If the object of putting these travel sanctions was to put a hammer on the PM and his associates; what does this has to do with innocent Fijian citizens who want to go overseas to see their families?” MAYBE BECAUSE THIS SO-CALLED INNOCENT FIJIAN CITIZENS HAVE SUPPORTED THIS ILLEGAL GRAB FOR POWER?

Eni Faleomavaega is the chairman of the US House of Representatives’ Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Asia, the Pacific and the Global Environment. THEN STICK TO WHAT YOU KNOW BEST.

Just days after the December 2006 overthrow of the Laisenia Qarase Government, Faleomavaega visited Suva to meet interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, Qarase, the former PM Mahendra Chaudhry and other key leaders.

He concluded then that Canberra and Wellington may be sowing the seeds of civil unrest and violence in Fiji with their “heavy-handed tactics” and “misguided sanctions”. OH MY!!!! WHAT FALSE PERCEPTION THAT IS. MISGUIDED IS SOMETHING ENI SHOULD TELL VOREQE.

He suggested the US assist Fiji to emerge from its current crisis, eliminating its "coup culture" and establish a more stable government. YES, SEND THEIR TROOPS IN AND BLAST VOREQE AND HIS UNSTABLE REGIME TO KINGDOM COME!