Sunday, November 8, 2009

A must read for Fiji's Freedom bloggers

If Yoani of Cuba, a woman can suffer for her fight for her country's freedom by blogging, how come Fiji bloggers can't?

We can. We must and We will!

Kudos! Yoani from Fiji's freedom bloggers. Hopefully sooner we'll all ditch the annonymous blogging and go for it like Yoani!


scribadiva said...


I am one of your American Friends. You may know me, scribadiva (Linda.) I've quoted this post on my blog; I'm sorry I didn't see it earlier, but I've been ill. I try to check in every day, but I missed this post. I wrote a brief note below it; please visit and tell me what you think. It's not my best writing, but for now, it's good enough to post. Link:

Tears for Fiji said...

Thank you Linda.

Read your posting but was unable to post a reply there.

Thank you for highlighting our plight as Fiji citizens fighting PEACEFULLY to regain our freedom in this unpeaceful time of our beloved nation's history.

Peace be with you too on your endeavours!