Wednesday, September 30, 2009

With Power Comes Responsibility

The who-hah about that audacious UN GA speech, laced with lies, innuedos and outrageous claims, delievered by military regime leader Voreqe Bainimarama last week seems to have died down, but it certainly won't be forgotten.

A lot of bloggers, writers and law-abiding citizens have speculated on who exactly Voreqe was referring to when he was talking about the "old elite." Mike of Luvei Viti attempted to remind us of who exactly in our last 29 years since independence have been in power, from those who are chiefs by birthright e.g. Rt. Mara, to those who came to power by way of a coup like Mr. Rabuka, to our last deposed elected Prime Minister, Mr. Qarase. According to Mike, some have amassed personal wealth, where others haven't.

Now, if this is the "old elite" Voreqe is referring to, and it's something he will have to proof as well, or in the case of those who may fall into this category have to disproof, does that mean Fiji now has a "new elite." Who are they?

Well, if we go by reports and facts of how Voreqe and his supporters have amassed personal wealth since Decemebr 5, 2006, would it be safe to assume that Voreqe and his cohorts are now the "new elite"?

The communist party of China, rose to power because they told the people of China 60 years ago that they will get rid of the corruption culture that ran rife in China. Now 60 years on, these same Communist party officials have been executed, jailed or on trial for the same corruption practices they promised to get rid of.

Now, with Voreqe wasting precious tax-payers' money attending meetings like the IMF in Istanbul, when Fiji doesn't even have ANY money power to be discussing money issues in this kinds of forum, it's no brainer to deduce that although Voreqe may believe he has GUN power to rule, he definitely doesn't have the brains to manage, let alone have the MORAL RESPONSIBILITY to do what is BEST and WISEST for the people of Fiji. So, instead of wasting thousands of dollars attending meetings that he will most deifinitely not have any iota of positive or constructive contribution to, but maybe just to sit and yawn through all the jargon that is going to fly over his head, these thousands of dollars could have been better spent on EDUCATION, HEALTH, SOCIAL WELFARE, OLD PEOPLE'S HOME, ORPHANS, ETC.

2014 is a long way away for a military ruler to be allowed to squander our minimum financial resources for his own globe-trotting/personal wealth gains.

Our Independence Day remembrance will be upon us soon. Some constructive, pragmatic steps need to be taken by us citizens to ensure that the demands of the UN, the Commonwealth, the PIF and US are vigorously pursued for an EARLIER ELECTION.

It is OUR RESPONSIBILTY to make this happen soon. We know Voreqe is a coward, a psycho and a liar who will do whatever he will to stay in power. And that is USE HIS GUNS!!! But we have a collective desire, hope and faith to stand-up to tyrannts. And STAND-UP we must! Because the first shot that is fired by any of his foot-soldiers will be the ticket for Voreqe to the Hague. Roman Polanski, a Hollywood Director just got arrested in Switzerland for a warrant issued in the 1978 for pleading guilty to unlawful sex in the US and then fleeing to France! So, who's to say this would not happen to Voreqe? Maybe he will use his stolen $188K to buy him and his family a one-way ticket to India or China!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Terrorism runs in the Bainimarama/Kean family

Kean presides at police memorial
September 29, 2009 05:11:18 PM

Reinstated Fiji Navy commander Francis Kean was today chief guest at a memorial service for 15 fallen police officers as part of Police Remembrance Day ceremonies in Suva. (As reported on Fijilive)

My, oh my...his brother-in-law goes and stands in front of elected leaders and accuse us citizens for being scaredy-cats, thus, US needing their intervention for our security from politicians who plot with terrorists, all the while forgetting that him and his household (e.g. The Murderer Francis Kean) are the ones who have terrorised, arrested, tortured and MURDERED citizens.

What a farce!!! And here the police force play ram-ram to these KNOWN terrorists and herald Kean's presence as they remember fallen comrades. What a mockery of the courage and commitment to justice and peace these fallen police officers have carried out during their time, to PROTECT AND SERVE THE PEOPLE.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Honduras' Army and Voreqe - Two peas in a pod

Amazing how these coup-masters with their guns believe they are totally invincible when it comes to taking over elected leaders. Here's another crook from Honduras denying their citizens their right to assemble and protest. But at least, the Honduran people are showing their true need for democracy by standing up to these thieves and robbers? And kudos to Brazilian President de Silva for assisting the Honduran people in their fight for their democratic rights?

What's up with us in Fiji yar?

Honduras clampdown
September 29, 2009

THE de facto government of Honduras has indefinitely suspended constitutional guarantees, outlawing public gatherings and making it easier for the army to arrest people.

The measure, announced in a national television and radio broadcast, came on the eve of what is expected to be a big march by ousted president Manuel Zelaya's supporters. From his refuge at the Brazilian embassy, Mr Zelaya called on people to take to the streets to mark the three-month anniversary of his exile.

The army took Mr Zelaya from his home and put him on a flight to Costa Rica on June 28, after courts accused him of violating the constitution by trying to make it possible to serve a second term. He quietly returned last week and took refuge at the embassy and, with almost universal international backing, is fighting to reclaim office.

Honduras has expelled diplomats from the Organisation of American States, which has been attempting to mediate a resolution to the crisis, and gave Brazil a 10-day deadline to turn over Mr Zelaya or face unspecified retaliation.

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said his government would not be cowed by ultimatums from ''coup-plotters.''

Mr Zelaya and his followers are living in conditions that a visiting doctor described as deteriorating. Several in the embassy suffered from flu-like symptoms, the doctor told the Los Angeles Times.

Honduras' acting rulers have said they will arrest Mr Zelaya, a flamboyant timber magnate who gradually turned to the left and alienated the Honduran elite.

The new measures go beyond the curfews that acting President Roberto Micheletti had until now regularly imposed.

The measures make it easier for authorities to shut down radio or television stations deemed to be favouring Mr Zelaya.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Why was Voreqe allowed to speak at the UN in the first place?

Remember this picture of Mr. Pramesh Chand and NCBBF Head - Mr. John Sami waiting for Dictator Bainimarama to deliver his Fiji’s Statement at the 63rd UNGA Debate last year? hmmmm wonder what the crowd was like for this next picture...but read on for the meat of the message.

Ok, ok we have all wondered, how come the UN keeps inviting the power-grabber Voreqe and allowing him to give his ill-conceived speeches, which I bet he doesn't even contribute to it himself, instead to maybe nod his head in approval to all the utterances suggested by his speech writers to sugar-coat the drastic and barbaric treatment they have laid upon the peace-loving people of Fiji since December 5, 2006.

According to Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press, this is what he had to say:

At UN, Malagasy Coup Leader Barred While Fiji's Speaks, Duplicity on Democracy

By Matthew Russell Lee

UNITED NATIONS, September 26 -- The day after Madagascar's de facto leader Andry Rajoelina was barred from speaking in the General Assembly, Fiji's coup leader Josaia Bainimarama was slated, without objection, to speak. It is not, then, that coup leaders are rejected by the UN. It all turns on who opposed the coup, and with what energy.

Australia and New Zealand have spoken against the Fiji coup. On September 22, Inner City Press asked Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd if he had made any headway in getting the UN to stop using and paying the government for Fijian peacekeepers until democracy is restored. We have made ourselves clear, Rudd answered. But the UN continues using Fijians in Iraq.

Now, the important part here that answers the question-why Voreqe is still allowed to spew forth lies and deception in a forum like the UN GA, therefore, in his mind makes him a legitimate article is the detail-"....It all turns on who OPPOSED THE COUP, and WITH WHAT ENERGY."

Therefore, the only reason Madagascar military leader was disallowed to speak at the UN GA is because of the ENERGY the African nations utilised to block the president of Madagascar from addressing the United Nations General Assembly on Friday, saying his rise to power through a military coup made him illegitimate." (Reuters India)

Exercising their democratic ideals, Congo's Foreign Minister Alexis Thambwe-Mwamba said "Madagascar is represented at this session of the assembly by persons who rose from an attempted coup," as the delegation from Madagascar sat silently at their desk. Then the Democratic Republic of Congo, speaking on behalf of the 15-member Southern African Development Community, said Madagascar President Andry Rajoelina should be barred, a motion later carried by a vote on the Assembly floor. Although there was a bit of confusion for the vote, brought on by Libya's part (yeah right who else?!) in trying to redirect the African nations' attention to the fact that this coup leader (another one of Voreqe's contemporaries), was invited by the UN (aha!), 23 African leaders voted against Rajoelina versus four in support and he was prevented from taking the podium.

So, where does that leave us and our strive to make sure that Voreqe is prevented to use his presence in high level meetings like the UN GA, to keep promoting this illusion of his that his coup was acceptable by us for our own safety and security? That they were FORCED with hesitation on their part to rob us of our democracy, our freedom, our rights.

Why didn't the Pacific Island Forum leaders exercise something similar to what the African leaders group did? As reported, we know that New Zealand and Australia are known opposers of Voreqe's military regime, but is it because of our "brotherly" Pacific culture that prevented the PIF leaders of putting in MORE ENERGY, in order, for Voreqe to be barred this time or the previous times, when we spewed forth those lies about adhering to the Constitution, following basic democratic process for support for his MILITARY charter, etc?

Can we the people do something similar, which will be valid for the UN to see that we oppose the dictator speaking on our behalf at high level podiums like the UN GA? Therefore, even if he gets to be invited and go, HE WILL BE BARRED FROM SPEAKING. Afterall, the UN is meant to be working for the peace of ordinary citizens, right? So, if leaders can't do it, can we?

Let's find out for the next time, if Voreqe is still around so we can EXERCISE OUR RIGHT TO VOTE HIM OUT OF THE UN SPEAKING AGENDA!!!!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

UN employs Fiji "peacekeepers" while Voreqe plans redundancy

Our current employment scenario is looking more each day like a game of "cat and mouse."

While the glorified keepers of PEACE (the UN), but in actuality a killer of "unsexy PEACEFUL" countries, is giving employment to our security forces to go and KEEP THE PEACE in countries where death rages like there's no tomorrow, the current military regime, that is killing the PEACE in our country is thinking of laying- off civil servants who also have families to look after at home.

I borrowed the term "unsexy", from Lydia Alpizar (Association for Women's Rights in Development-AWID) to depict the fact that maybe the reason the UN is NOT SEEING or choosing NOT TO SEE our plight and fight for PEACE is because Fijians are not dying en masse in our beloved country, like they're in Sudan or somewhere else like that.

However, what the UN fails to see is the subtle ways this regime is going about their so-called clean-up mission and robbing of our democratic rights. This includes, but not limited to:
* Their psychological war to try and blame citizens for any bloodshed that may occur. Thus, the reluctance of citizens to take to the streets in protest because as a small population and the already struggle to survive, we don't want to lose lives unnecessarily to pay for a crime that Voreqe, Rt. Iloilo and their supporters have committed.
* Their bullying tactics in TELLING people to accept their power base because at the end of the day they have the guns to turn on the citizens, if push comes to shove and they need to save their bee-hinds.
* Their unrealistic mission based on some dogmatic vision Voreqe or one of his cronies developed maybe in one of their manic depressive episodes prior to Dec. 5, 2006.

So, as the UN officials wrap up their hobnobbing with world leaders at the 64th GA, I wonder what impact the minnow Voreqe has made on that world stage that will positively affect the people of Fiji, and our strive to regain our PEACE, FREEDOM AND PROSPERITY.

Mr. Ban Ki Moon on his Sept. 18th Peace celebrations speech talked about how weapons have caused ordinary citizens to not experience peace and prosperity.

Well, guess what Mr. Moon, that same peace you're talking about is not being experienced in Fiji. So, before you start providing employment for Fiji's security forces who are part of the group that have and are robbing us of our peace, think of the consequences of YOUR DECISIONS on ordinary peoples of Fiji.

Redundancies have happened with this regime and there's more to come. While the robbers of our peace enjoy the trappings of their stolen power base, supported by organisations like the UN, the ordinary people whom they swore to look after and protect from bullies who use weapons, continue to suffer.

And if push comes to shove, their blood if it has to be split one day, will be on your hands. Because your irresponsible decisions to keep employing Fiji's security forces for peacekeeping missions overseas, continue to make the regime flex their muscles and prolong their stay in power.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Illegal PM leaves for UN Assembly on PEACE DAY- how IRONIC!

How ironic it is indeed that Fiji illegal PM has to leave our shores to attend the 64th UN General Assembly on International Peace Day.

I wonder what he will say to the likes of UN Sec. General Ban Ki Moon (if he gets a chance to speak with him) who only on 18th September "called on nations to intensify efforts to reduce stockpiles of weapons capable of inflicting large-scale devastation and death."

And this is what Voreqe Bainimarama tirelessly tries to show his bluff to the world for. As much as he tries to sugar-coat what HE THINKS is best for Fiji by his efforts to bring about reforms, to alleviate poverty, to increase our economy, he conveniently forgets that the people of the world will see right through his efforts because all this has been made possible for him because of his WEAPONS OF DESTRUCTION!

From small arms to nuclear weapons, this is what Mr Ban said, “Most of the victims of conflict are powerless, innocent civilians, fathers, mothers, [and] children,” adding that without peace “they have little hope of improving their lives. Little hope of escaping poverty.”

You see Voreqe, you robbed us of our PEACE. And without our PEACE you cannot improve our lives as you have envisioned.

You can toil and toil until 2014, after that let the politicians and the people of Fiji govern themselves according to the democractic values and ideals we believe in. You may have your own definition of democracy, but the one that the UN, the Commonwealth, the Pacific Forum and the rest of us law-abiding citizens abide by is the one that promotes PEACE for all. Where we exercise our rights knowing that we also have the responsibilities that accompany our rights.

We don't need THUGS WITH WEAPONS to come and dictate to us what is best for us. We already know and people with GUNS like you Voreqe do not fit the profile.

May God grant us our peace and freedom in Fiji!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Casino Concept-another of PAWN Voreqe's STUPIDO ideas

FijiVillage reports: 'Apart from helping alleviate poverty, the idea of casinos in Fiji can also keep us from relying on other countries.

Those were the words of Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama who said the PM's Office is now actively exploring the concept of setting up casinos in Fiji.'

WTCRAP!!! This is another example of how a failed, unintelligent man has to stoop down low to try and save an economy he has blown up to smithereens, with no clear solution in sight.

Our country is a small nation with enough of its worries and social problems to be even THINKING about the addition of casinos. Voreqe and his so-called economic "saviours" are set on only one track of thinking - a quick fix!!!

Of course, there are some advantages to having casinos, but with the already allegations of corruption that Voreqe used to brainwash the people, in trying to coax them to believe in his mission, casinos will definitely not take that problem away. It is most definitely going to contribute to it.

From small island nations like Macau to bigger nations like the US and Australia, where casinos were set-up, it's the grassroots people that suffered the social consequences of these establishments, if there is a lack of proper supervision on these establishments. Gambling addiction rose, and money that was meant to be spent on families, were spent in casinos. So, who became the winners? The high-roller owners of casinos, the government bodies that support them, but not the people.

Take for example the island nation of Macau. Read on...

Gaming wealth comes at a cost for Macau
5 July 2008
South China Morning Post

Tapping into gambling as a mainspring of economic growth can create its own problems, as Macau is finding out. Among fresh reminders, authorities on the mainland - the main source of customers for Macau's casinos - have clamped down on visas for visits to Macau by officials, casino high rollers and now ordinary visitors. To inject some social equity into windfall gains from the casino boom, the Macau government has resorted to giving cash bonuses to residents - not the best means of bridging a widening wealth gap.

These steps highlight unwelcome social side effects of gambling and a gaming-led economy. But neither is a long-term solution. Tourism, after all, remains an important pillar of Macau's economy. The mainland is the dominant source of visitors. Cutting back on them for long will hurt other sectors. And cash handouts will do nothing to rein in inflation, which is hurting the majority who have not shared in the benefits of the gaming boom.

By imposing restrictions on freedom of movement, mainland authorities, typically, are treating symptoms of social problems instead of the root causes. To be sure, officials and businesspeople visiting Macau are often distracted by the lure of a quick profit on the casino tables, not to mention those who do not mind gambling with taxpayers' and shareholders' money. But where there is a will there is a way and Macau cannot be put on visitor rations for ever. Rooting out corruption and raising the standards of accountability and corporate governance will be more effective in the long run, along with closer scrutiny of casino operations by Macau authorities. As for ordinary tourists, they are not known for paying multiple visits to the casinos.

Both Macau and Beijing need to look at structural problems, such as a wage gap driven by the casinos. Handouts do nothing in the long term to help small and medium-sized businesses struggling for survival against crippling costs. Nor will they help find jobs for a future pool of uneducated former card dealers lured into quitting school early for big money. Only by thinking outside the roulette wheel will the government find sustainable solutions.

The bottom-line is...any money that we have is better spent on EDUCATION, so we can properly equip our future generation for a future that is not like the time when Voreqe was growing up. Casinos will not solve our long term economic problem. It will only exacerbate it.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Voreqe's Bluff to Commonwealth

If the Fijilive report on September 12, 2009, where Sir Reeves is meant to say that his talks with Voreqe has established a relationship for future discussions is correct, it is hard to swallow. I mean, how can ANOTHER RELATIONSHIP BE ESTABLISHED FOR FUTURE DISCUSSIONS when other previous relationships and dialogues have faltered flat on our faces.

Because of one thing alone – VOREQE’S GREED!

Voreqe and his selfish, greedy self is the reason of our country’s demise. Now that they have abrogated the Constitution after their actions were declared ILLEGAL by a court of law, and then put in decrees to have the “new image” they now call their government, they believe it is ok to carry on like so.

Well Sir Reeves may have been fooled by all the fa├žade but not for us whose rights, lives and livelihoods have been trampled upon, squashed and tossed aside like it is nothing.

Illegal Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum’s plan for the next three years’ economic recovery is laughable. So now he is admitting that since 5 December 2006, the demise of our economy is THEIR FAULT. So their lame efforts is now to have another three year plan to revive the economy, which have taken them the last three years to TRASH! And while they are trying to do that, the people of Fiji and especially the children have to suffer in SILENCE! What a dictatorship! And the Commonwealth is good with that????? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I would say that Voreqe’s military regime is just trying to put words into Sir Reeves’ mouth.

Like this report on him saying “he received a friendly welcome from Fiji government and her people." This was supposed to read - … from Voreqe’s military regime and his cronies. Because really that is what the Commonwealth spokesperson was seen on BBC as quoting after the Commonwealth suspended Fiji. She referred to them as a military regime. Nothing legal such as a government mentioned there.

And the ONLY role the Commonwealth still has to play in bringing democracy to the country is to make sure that EVERY CITIZEN in Fiji has the right to stand for elections in 2014. We will patiently wait but when the time is here, Mere, Litia, Chaudhry, Qarase, Peni, Vamarasi, Pushpa, MYSELF and even Voreqe can stand for elections on platforms we believe in. Then we will let the people decide. Voreqe should never be allowed to use his guns to intimidate, threaten, cajole or boss anyone around anymore. He can stand for elections and let his REAL ACTIONS AND WORDS do the showing off on equal footing like the rest of us. Not his guns. Because right now, he has the upper hand with his guns, and that we, the peoples of Fiji will NEVER FORGET!