Friday, May 30, 2008

Lessons to be learnt from other countries

As the different countries who share our planet Earth evolve in their own unique ways, there are lessons that we as a country can learn from them and be successful. The following are just some examples:

Costa Rica and Nepal: How GOOD changes can happen.
Costa Rica abolished their military.
Nepal just abolished their money-wasting monarchy.,0,3442530.story

Burma and Zimbabwe: How NOT to rule a country.
Military dictatorship IS the WORST form of ruling over people.
Holding onto power way past your use-by-date is a recipe for leadership disaster.

South Africa: How to be CAREFUL and PRUDENT when dealing with racial affairs and policies.
Xenophobic riots in South Africa is blamed on the feelings amongst South Africans that they don't have jobs because foreigners in their country take them.

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