Monday, May 26, 2008

Can we also create history in our lifetime?

On Wednesday May 28, 2008, the small Himalayan kingdom of Nepal will change their history when the assembly elected last month will under their constitution implement a REPUBLIC; spelling the END OF THE CENTURIES OLD (238 years old to be exact) NEPALESE MONARCHY (an extraordinarily rich monarch in an exceptionally poor country, that is) .

This historic change by Nepal is a clear example that in our lifetime, historic changes for the betterment of our country is possible. What comes to mind is a suggestion to abolish our military that has been debated in the freedom for Fiji blog-Soli Vakasama (May 15)

Can we create this same kind of history during our lifetime?

Tears for Fiji says, YES! If we put our hearts and minds to it, it can happen. If Costa Rica can abolish their military so they don't interfere with politics, and Nepal abolish their monarch (King Gyanendra) so he is
taxed (like ordinary citizens) and his spending controlled, while his acts will be open to scrutiny in court or in parliament, THEN WE CAN DO IT TOO!

God bless Fiji!

Erasing the 'royal' in Nepal:

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