Friday, May 23, 2008

Humble call to our law-abiding chiefs

The writing has been cemented on the wall just as the law-abiding citizens of Fiji and the international community have known all along; no charter, no elections, according to Mr. Bainimarama, as relayed to the Nadoi villagers of Rewa.

So, where do we stand now? Where does our right to choose what we want for ourselves come into the equation?

This is our humble call to our chiefs. You have taken the first step to not accept the charter and the new GCC outlook. How long are you going to wait around for until Mr. Bainimarama uses his "so-called" powers, which sadly was bestowed on him by the President to keep on trampling on our rights and freedoms?

And what are the courts doing to the case against him brought by Mr. Qarase?

These continuous bullying tactics is becoming unbearable anymore.

Who is going to stand-up for our present, our children and their future? We look to you our chiefs to make a stand once and for all.

The Burmese-style junta is inching its way into our country and you, our anointed chiefs should not let this happen.

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