Friday, October 30, 2009

Tyrannt spews forth vile

The recent address by Voreqe Bainimarama to his undereducated, unethical and unsympathetic soldiers to:

*take action if they find out information about bus drivers overcharging school children;

*say that it is unacceptable for parents to teach their children to lie about their busfare;

*follow the law and ensure that reasons are not given to Australia and New Zealand to pressure the United Nations to remove Fiji from peacekeeping missions;

*say that the military does not have enough time to achieve its plans and objectives before the 2014 elections;

*not wanting to be a part of returning Fiji in a very bad state where hatred still exists amongst the people, the different ethnicities, and religious groups and

*bad-mouthing his critics, who according to him were delaying progress

makes one want to throw up, really.

All this talk of telling the truth, flying the Fiji flag high, wanting more time to fix the many and numerous problems that weren't there in the first place, and trying to attain a VOREQENTOPIA society, is a marked figure of someone who is so out of his depth when it comes to responsible leadership. He is so ingrained by his hallucinatory vision of a perfect Fiji, that he lacks the real understanding and the essence of what we, as law-abiding citizens in a democracy believe in.

What Voreqe lacks is the humility to see Fiji's problems now and our potential to be a great nation, if he only opens his eyes and consider other peoples' interests. His inability to DIALOGUE with others who also have Fiji's interests at heart because he believes he is the only one who has Fiji's interests at heart is killing our nation.

As he allude to the need for more time before 2014 for the military to get their inconvenient mission done, my question to Voreqe is this:

*Will he guarantee us that him and the military will never, ever interfere in our civil government ever again after 2014?

Thus, it is imperative for those of us who believe in democracy to make sure that this new Constitution (illegal as it maybe), be based on the real needs of our country for now and the future. There are many functional and successful Constitutions abound that we can base ours on. But again, a Constitution is only WORDS. The real test will come from us as citizens who will have the moral responsibility to live by it.

I will close with a not-so-heart-warming thought, but something for Voreqe to ponder.

Voreqe, you and your cohorts are currently placing a massive future debt on our children and unborn children because of your outrageous, conniving and thoughtless actions. Think about that!

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