Friday, June 13, 2008

Ratu Joni's military role view

As much as we agree with Ratu Joni on some vital issues with regards to how the people will not accept nor tolerate a charter and electoral changes that is "shoved down their throats", and

“It is in the military that the ever present threats of coups will lie,"

we don't agree however, with the view that

...the military had come to see itself as having a part to play in national affairs.

“Its complete return to barracks may have to be gradual. A generation of military officers has grown to maturity in the shadows of four coups,” he added.

“They will not be easily weaned off their appetite for more.”

This taking on of the responsibility to be the watch-dog of national affairs IS ONLY POSSIBLE because they have the guns. Nothing else. If they had the right attitude and training to preserve life instead of killing it, then we wouldn't have this problem.

Weaning is for babies. These are adults. Abolish the military! ASAP!