Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mr Bainimarama's easily forgotten legacy

Stop Pushing Us Publish date/time: 26/06/2008 [15:06]

The Interim Prime Minister stressed that countries like Australia and New Zealand (NZ) should stop pushing Fiji to have elections in March 2009. [Mr. Bainimarama fails to understand that it is NOT ONLY Australia and New Zealand BUT the people of FIJI who want elections ASAPossible NOT Practicable, as the term they seem to be flouting around at the mo.]

Commodore Frank Bainimarama said he is disappointed that following Fiji's decision to suspend its participation in the Forum Working Group, NZ Foreign Minister Winston Peters has said that it is clear that Bainimarama will not meet the commitment to have elections next year. [Be disappointed Mr. Bainimarama because unlike you Mr. Peters got his position by his OWN REAL MERIT AND HARDWORK.]

Bainimarama said the Working Group is to assist Fiji, not pressure the interim government to give in. [The Working group will assist a DEMOCRATIC government, not ride the band-wagon of an ILLEGAL, GUN-TOTTING regime.]

The Interim Prime Minister also said it is also disappointing that NZ and Australia have not accepted the new Fiji High Commissioners to the two countries. [Oh really? Jeez Mr. Bainimarama haven't you learnt a lesson yet!]

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mojee_Q said...

You're in no position to say such things, who are you and what are you trying to accomplish...If you really care about the safety and security of our nation then show your face and do something about it, don't just hide behind the curtains and splatter your ridicules all over the web...Bainimara did a noble person, one who is willing to get rid of corruption when none have the courage to do so, the only one who started a coup without triggering violence, so go on, keep on updating your pathetic blog and maybe someday you'll actually do something that will change this nation.....