Sunday, March 15, 2009

Discuss role of military: Brij Lal 3/15/2009

Unless the role of the military is publicly discussed, there can be no assurance of democratic rule in Fiji, says Constitution expert Brij Lal. TOTALLY, TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU, SIR.

Professor Lal was concerned the agenda for the President's Political Dialogue Forum, agreed to by political leaders, excluded discussion on the role of the military. WHY WERE THE OTHER POLITICAL LEADERS SO SCARED TO VOICE THE PEOPLE'S CONCERN?

"This is a glaring omission because unless the role of the military is publicly discussed, there can be no assurance of democratic rule in Fiji. I know it is a sensitive subject, but ignoring it will not address the fundamental problems in Fiji," said Professor Lal.

On Friday political leaders met for the second time to discuss and agree on an agenda for the proposed PPDF.

Reforms, election and the People's Charter are on the main agenda of the Forum.

The meeting agreed the agenda of the PPDF would be the democratic experience in Fiji and parliamentary reform, electoral reform and General Election and the Peoples Charter.

Prof Lal warned a set agenda would not be welcomed by the United Nations and Commonwealth, who had been requested to facilitate the PPDF.

"The Commonwealth and the United Nations will not sully their reputations by getting involved in a sullied process. The Commonwealth communiqué is clear: it wants the dialogue process to be open, transparent and unprejudiced about the final outcome. They will not come in to endorse a pre-arranged agenda," he said.

While political leaders agreed the UN/Commonwealth assistance was appreciated they felt Fiji must be left to decide its future on its own accord.

"That is true, but the involvement of the international community is absolutely vital when the atmosphere for full and free discussion in Fiji is compromised with threats and arbitrary searches of the news media. Any coerced solution will simply not work, and international standards will have to be observed," Prof Lal warned.


Fiji Democracy Now said...

Brij Lal is absolutely right when he points out that the outcomes of the second PPDF completely ignore the issue that is central to our nation's future, which is the role of the military.

This glaring omission is no coincidence and merely demonstrates that the PPDF is yet another hollow instrument manipulated by our dictator to perpetuate his hold on power.

As Professor Lal says, the outcomes are "a pre-arranged agenda."

We at FDN believe Professor Lal is also correct in suggesting that the agenda will not impress the UN or the Commonwealth.

As far as we can see, the only real purpose served by the political forum process to date is to provide a convenient smokescreen for our dictator, which he has managed to use quite effectively to delay, yet again, the return of our nation to democracy.

Keep The Faith said...

Ugh! The political folks look to like they're back playing politics while ignoring the anxst of the people.

If they knew (and one cannot be politically naive enough to think that Bainimarama would NOT have a pre-conceived agenda) there was an agenda, why TF participate?

They've just sold their souls for access to crumbs from Frank's table. It will bite y'all in the ass come "tick time" folks -- count on it.

Unknown said...

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Check me out. I am relatively new to blogging but communication is a means of defeating Bainimarama and his crones.