Monday, January 25, 2010

While the Kadavuans get their special visit from the Illegal PM, the Yasawans are starving!!

This is what it is all about for Bainimarama and his military regime - ONLY look after the ones who follow you blindly. For the rest they can bl.....y well starve!!

And the reason given by the military regime is that the money spent on food rations will go to schools. Well, if the children of Yasawa are starving, then going to school and expecting these children to perform well will be a lost cause. Because they might not make it to school in the first place because they are weak from lack of food.

And how long do short term seeds grow enough to be consumed? One day, one month? So, the people of Yasawa are expected to wait for that long to be fed!

The lack of human compassion is rather disturbing indeed!

No food for victims (Fiji Times)

Ifereimi Nadore
Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Government will not provide food rations for those who were affected by the floods during Cyclone Mick.

Deputy Commisioner Central Samu Sadranu said whatever money was allocated for assistance should be prioritised for schools, which sustained considerable damage.

'Send us food please' (Fiji Times)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

VILLAGERS on two islands in the Yasawa Group are asking for food.

"Plantations were destroyed during the cyclone. We have had to ask our relatives living on the mainland to send even root crops across," he said. "We request that ration supplies like flour and rice be supplied to the islands."

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