Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What does a "New Fiji" in 2014 mean? Supervision by FRAUDSTERS who instill FEAR!

The very thing that Voreqe wants from those who are opposing his illegal actions, that is transparency and the truth, is also the ONLY things he himself is not practicing when going to our grassroot citizens, like in Kadavu and telling them LIES.

My goodness, the people of Kadavu must really not know what is going on if they totally believe that the World Bank supports his plans. If only they knew the truth and not be swayed too easily by the words of a Fraudster. How sad indeed that Voreqe has to resort to sympathy votes and "vesumona" tactics to gain support and empathisers from the grassroot citizens. But a Fraudster will always be a Fraudster!

If he knew that AN ELECTED GOVERNMENT is meant to be the only institution running a country, then why did he knowingly use his guns to steal the people's elected government from them in 2006?

And what makes his military different from Rabuka's one in 1987 and Speight's in 2000? Voreqe, you're ALL ONE AND THE SAME. You wear the same uniform, you carry the same guns, you did the same illegal and treasonous actions - steal the people's government at gunpoint. But yours is MORE EVIL than the previous ones.

No government has failed. They just become INEFFECTIVE. But there are peaceful ways people can demonstrate their disagreements with an elected government, which gives them a VOICE. But with your military, and your trumped-up decrees like the PER, it is a mechanism that has been implemented by you because FEAR IS USED BY FRAUDSTERS TO INSTILL A LACK OF HOPE ON THE PEOPLE!

And so what, because the Illegal Voreqe's charter says that the military will always be there to see the path taken by the new government is on the same track, we have to ACCEPT it lying face down. No way! And what path have you actually taken us on that requires us to be abided by. The only path you have taken us on is one that is full of LOAN DEBTS TO BE REPAID and a BANKRUPT FUTURE for our children and grandchildren.

So, be warned Voreqe, your bullying tactics will end once an elected government is in place and you will not be allowed to dictate to us anymore except from a jail cell!! There' s a TIME for everything.

Just get on with your electoral reforms and get us to the polls. And tell your Fiji Chamber of Commerce President Swani Maharaj he can get his equal one man, one vote ANTIracial electoral reform and any other equal opportunity he is looking for with regards to education, to access to a fair trial, etc, etc. But if he thinks equal opportunity means he can touch the land or the sea or natural resources issue, well he's got another thing coming. Swani it's a matter of - Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar!

A Fiji in 2014 means

God help us!

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