Wednesday, January 20, 2010

NZ should ONLY accept a civilian who is not associated with the military as Fiji's Counsellor to NZ

Voreqe and his illegal ministers are again pushing for a MILITARY idiot to take up a diplomatic post in NZ. This time it's Leweni again. One who was rejected by Malaysia, still trying to find some kind of recognition for his part in undertaking an illegal action like the stealing of a nation by the barrels of their guns.

New Zealand and Minister McCully, if you're reading this then we are telling you to not accept anyone nominated by this regime who has ties to them. It must be one who is a civilian and who has Fiji's true and best interests at heart. You cannot and should not accept any nomination for a person associated militarywise or otherwise to this regime. Because by doing so, you will be displaying to this regime that their illegal actions are cordoned and accepted by NZ.

We know how Voreqe and his illegal ministers think. It has been proven that it is ONLY POWER AND MONEY they are after. Fiji's prosperous future is most definitely not a short or long term objective.

Go democracy! Go Fiji's freedom!

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