Monday, January 4, 2010

Military regime's IRRATIONAL DECISION MAKING is and will cost our country's prosperity

The latest hoola-baloo in IRRATIONAL DECISION MAKING by this military regime in terminating the contracts of three recently appointed magistrates is going to and will cost our country now and in the future, IF NOTHING IS DONE BY LAW ABIDING CITIZENS.

What we are seeing is the continued sense of self-interest, self promotion and self preservation by Bainimarama's illegal ministers and in particular the "WEIGHTY" Illegal AG.

As 2010 begins, we would wish that those whose contracts have been prematurely terminated by this military regime will take it upon themselves do produce some good for the nation. By this we mean that, from their preassumably altruistic endeavours to accept the appointments in the first place, thinking that by doing so they'll be assisting Fiji's move forward, and now they have been thrown out, they would utilise the knowledge they have acquired of the workings of this illegal regime to organise and assist those who have rejected Bainimarama's mission right from the beginning to begin a campaign to get rid of these bunch of thieves and losers. But sadly as we have continued to witness, that anyone who seems to be in the military regime's loop, who is seen to be doing what is BEST FOR FIJI, is on the loosing side because maybe what they have done is NOT BEST FOR VOREQE'S FIJI.

Thus the challenge is there for these ousted magistrates to TELL the world and the people of Fiji that Voreqe and his cohorts are only in this for themselves and not for FIJI, as they have tried to brainwashed the people to believe. And to take up the challenge to assist democracy fighters to regain our freedom!

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