Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ridiculous allegations of church espionage and NZ's "confusing" stand

The LIE keeps growing. When will it end? What does it take to end it?

What a great pity it is for our nation to be ridiculed again by this latest allegations by the ILLEGAL leader Voreqe that the Methodist Church were plotting against him. Really!? As much as we agree with the fact that allegations should always be investigated, this latest allegation is totally unbelievable, from the word go because of the NEGATIVE track record of the very person who is making the allegation. We all know that this is another one of Voreqe's BIG FAT LIE to prolong our suffering, but further his grip on STOLEN powers.

Then there's that talk of being "CONFUSED" by NZ's good-will gesture to reinstate their High Commission, but still implementing their smart sanctions on the ILLEGAL regime's want/need to travel to NZ. This clearly shows that this regime are in dire need of RECOGNITION that they want to insist that NZ lift their smart sanctions that has been slapped on their sorry ........! Welcome! to the real world Voreqe, you can't possibly GET EVERYTHING YOUR WAY! It just doesn't work that way. Of course, you can trample on our rights at home and haul innocent people to court for your paranoid dreams of us against you and using your guns. And that's all you can do.

You can trample on our rights, but you can never take away our spirit to keep fighting for our Godsent rights to liberty and freedom! And you can never take away the SUPPORT we have from those who believe in our cause.

It's time the Church take a public stand on these murderers, liars and thieves! Give them the active/vocal non-recognition they tirelessly try to bribe others into submitting to, for their own sick gain.

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