Sunday, January 24, 2010

Un-chiefly requests from military sapotas and Un-gentlemanly comments from military slackers

The recent news on FBCL regarding the UN-chiefly preemptive request made by Kadavu chiefs for the Illegal PM Bainimarama to stay on beyond 2014 is totally uncalled for and disrespectful to the rest of the Fijian people, who want an elected government back at the helm.

Their blind support for an illegal government, in addition to their clear disregard to heed their Higher Chief's request to not collude with an illegal entity goes to show the shallowness of these chiefs. But it would be very interesting to know how many of the people of Kadavu really support these chiefs. And isn't this what Voreqe is trying to do away with? For people to make their own decisions and not be led or swayed by their chiefs. Aha!!! Sounds very hypocritical, don't you think?

We, as Fijians cannot continue to make the case that Western democracy is not fully undertsood by us or is not suitable for us. It very well is! It is the ignorant and arrogant individuals in our country who CHOOSE to not want to understand the values of democracy and abide by it.

A military is not meant to lead a nation. They are meant to follow like every other citizen. If you want to lead a nation, then become a politician and work at it the hard way. Having guns does not give one the RIGHT to lead a government or a nation of people. If a military was meant to lead, then the whole world would have been led by military people instead of politicians. And yes, any government will become ineffective at some point, that is why we have elections, so, people can make a PEACEFUL choice of whom they want to be their leaders. And when decisions made by leaders have to be questioned, that is why democratic countries have tribunals.

But it continues to be of interest how during all this saga of power-mongering by Voreqe's new elite, we get to hear the real reasons they staged this coup, which has nothing to do with allegations of corruption.

In addition, NZ and Aust. should take note of the childishness of this regime, and in particular, the human-torturer Driti, who said (stupidly) that the reason the military regime is sending Leweni is to test how genuine New Zealand is in re-engaging with Fiji.

"I think it is not appropriate of him (Col. B) to speak of such a thing especially as a former military officer and a former land force commander but then again I would like to stress the fact that Fiji is sending Leweni as a Commissioner- to test out that what we are doing with NZ and their approach to us is genuine and things will be done in a proper way with transparency." (FBCL)

Really!?? Is it about testing NZ or is it about this military regime trying to play the one-upmanship game with NZ, to say...'Nenene-booboo, you have slapped us with a travel ban, but one of ours can still come as Commissioner..nenene-booboo.'

Now, this we believe is CHILDISH!!

As for Driti's comments that Col. B has nowhere else to go...hmmm...we can ask you the same question - don't you guys in this military regime and council have anywhere else to be or go - like to your own homes and leave us in peace!?

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