Thursday, June 3, 2010

Temperamental, Unstable and Rubbish Bainimarama at it again!

Bainimarama's temperamental and unstable mind is again at display for the rest of the Pacific world's elected leaders to see, but for the coward and bully man himself, he does not see it because he is so blinded by his own arrogance, ignorance, hatred and anger for Others' FREEDOM!

The reports in the Fiji Live, Fiji Village and Fiji Sun websites regarding Bainimarama's cancellation of the invitation extended to the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders at the Ministerial Contact Group (MCG) meeting in Auckland this week, and the question he raised on where the Pacific Islands Forum Secretary General, Tuiloma Neroni Slade is getting the information that the situation has worsened in Fiji, is ANOTHER clear example that the failed-sixth-former who struts around as Fiji's ILLEGAL PM is not well-versed in democratic leadership or any kind of leadership for that matter.
 His brand of leadership is only suited for him and his family. So, maybe he should take the hint and tend to his family's affairs first before wanting to BOSS every one else around, on his own idiotic terms.

We have continually raised this issue here before, Bainimarama does not engage in DIALOGUE because he only likes to hear his own distorted voice and his inclination to resort to vocabulary that is synonymous with his load of garbage- like rubbish and toilet paper! Thus, when he also raised the question on where Slade got his information to present to the Forum Group since he has had no talks with him since he took over the position, it should be clear to Bainimarama that all the talk with him that needs to be heard by people like Slade about his stand is already demonstrated in the PER, the immunity decree, the media decree, the abrogation of the Constitution, the many "chartered" complex reforms that hasn't changed an iota of economical, social or infrastructural progress for the last four years, and the many "soft loans" Bainimarama has secured from especially China and their now DESPERATE bidding to get an IMF loan. In addition, there is no need for face-to-face talk to make anything legitimate in Fiji these days because we are in the 21st century Bainimarama. Technology assists in the dissemination of news, whether it is from the regime or from law-abiding elected leaders and citizens. Therefore, there is not a REAL need or urge by elected leaders like Slade to WASTE THEIR TIME meeting with "scrawny-chicken-unelected-thugs" like Bainimarama.

And the more Bainimarama throws a two-year old tantrum like the latest saga, it again displays to the world his lack of tact, knowledge and skills for leadership and moral responsibility in a civilized democratic society. Well how could he, he is a SELF-PROMOTED-ILLEGAL-COWARD-SCRAWNY-CHICKEN LEADER, who is really a DICTATOR!

Wake up Fiji before it's too late and we end up with a scrawny chicken for a head!


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