Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Again, another STUPID IDEA based on FALSE HOPES.
Why outsource, when our Fijian workers NEED employment. And we WONDER, why aren't the CIVIL SERVANTS not doing anything about the prospect of them losing their jobs now, while the gun-toting army and their stupid bunch of thieves DICTATE to them their future?

CIVIL SERVANTS, it is ONLY UP TO YOU WHAT YOUR FUTURE IS GOING TO BE LIKE. The likelyhood that that MAYBE you will be absorbed by companies is only up to you to know. The ball is in your court.

A SIT-IN OR STAY AT HOME EN MASSE IS PROBABLY YOUR BEST CHANCE OF A VOICE RIGHT NOW. Because this is heading to the DEMOLITION of our civil service. It will be a SAD TIME for our country of CIVIL SERVICE is not part of our work force.

Get ready for major changes-ILLEGAL PM  
Publish date/time: 16/06/2010 [16:59]

Some major changes are expected in the civil service over the next four years, which could lead to job losses but hopes are high at this stage that workers may be absorbed by companies taking up government works.

ILLEGAL-AND-ACADEMICALLY-CHALLENGED Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said the government will have a significant shift from its current method of operating the civil service and the standards of service delivery.

In line with this, Commodore Bainimarama has now announced government's plans to prepare an Outsourcing Policy for the whole of the civil service as part of its reform agenda.
The policy will be considered and approved by cabinet before its effective implementation within this year. DICTATORSHIP! DICTATORSHIP!

He said such a policy will also contribute to government's ongoing efforts in reducing operating expenditure make available more resources for essential capital expenditure and encourage private investment for growth in jobs and income.

Commodore Bainimarama said they have already started the process through the outsourcing of road maintenance works earlier this month to a Malaysian company and are expecting good results from this decision. WHERE ARE THE JOBS FOR THE FIJIANS?

The ILLEGAL-AND-ACADEMICALLY-CHALLENGED Prime Minister and Minister for Public Service said the government is conscious of the fact that outsourcing could lead to job losses in the civil service.WHY DO IT THEN IF YOU HAVE NO BETTER CONTINGENCIES PLAN IN PLACE TO ASSIST THESE SOON TO BE DISCARDED WORKERS?
However he emphasizes that the government will explore options on how best affected employees can participate in opportunities arising from outsourced contracts.

He has requested the Public Service Commission to conduct wide ranging consultations across the civil service in the development of the Outsourcing Policy.
It will articulate the priority areas for outsourcing and implications on staffing.

[Original article from Fiji Village]

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