Friday, June 18, 2010

Does Bainimarama FEAR new leadership ideas because of his LACK of leadership skills?

Bainimarama has truly taken onboard the dictatorship and one-party mentality of his Chinese counterparts, now DIRECTING civil servants to not participate in a program such as this LFP one. We don't know much about the LFP, but we know of wonderful and smart young people who have been part of this program. Is this the FEAR in Bainimarama? That the young people or intelligent Fijians are being educated and exposed to leadership ways that clearly exposes his DICTATORSHIP style ruling.

And what serious questions has Bainimarama got about this program? This is why his dictatorship style and lack of education himself, will stifle the CREATIVITY and OPENMINDEDNESS we want to build in our future's workforce and leaders. But, no, Bainimarama wants to keep them in the dark ages because he is NOT CAPABLE of handling OPPOSITION that is based on respect, tolerance, goodwill and NO GUNS!

ILLEGAL PM bars Civil Servants from Leadership Program Publish date/time: 18/06/2010 [17:18] Fiji Village
 ILLEGAL Prime Minister and Minister for Public Service, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has issued a directive to all civil servants that there will be no participation by any civil servant in the training activities, seminars, workshops or conferences organized under the Leadership Fiji program.

Commodore Bainimarama has raised serious questions about what is being discussed in the Leadership Fiji workshops.

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The Chairman of Leadership Fiji is currently out of the country and is expected to comment later.

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