Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bainimarama is NOT qualified to talk about ROLES

This report in the Fiji Sun (May 30) is just as ludicrous as it is stupid. How can Bainimarama in his right thinking mind say this?

“Everyone has a role to play in bringing about peace. If we all play our roles it will lead to a peaceful and loving society.”


The man is soooo irritating it is nauseating. We, the law-abiding citizens of our nation in EVERY sector have been playing our roles very well, in bringing about peace and prosperity in our nation. It is HIM and his MILITARY that have lost sight of THEIR ROLE, thus, it is their ACTIONS when they STOLE and RAPED us of our democratically elected government, which then led to the decimation of our freedom and rights that have dragged us down to the path of national destruction since 2006.

It is so convenient for him to make references to our nation's leaders like Ratu Sukuna but what he failed to mention is that Rt. Sukuna WORKED HARD to make changes in our nation by his own commitment and efforts. Rt. Sukuna DID NOT USE GUNS to enable changes to happen in our Fiji making it the Pearl of the South Pacific.

Did he even UNDERSTAND what he said when he said:

“If their roles are carried out there would be no clashes which are not part of our culture and lifestyle. It is one way that can make us live in a peaceful society. The church should play it’s role, the vanua play its role and the Government plays its role."

Hello! The ELECTED government led by Qarase WAS DOING their role until you depose them USING YOUR GUNS! And how dare you count your regime as the Government because you're definitely not! You have been declared ILLEGAL by a court of law, and that is what you will remain - A DICTATORSHIP. A MILITARY REGIME.

And do you notice the WEARY LOOK on this dictator's face?

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