Saturday, May 29, 2010

Masters of Misinterpretation awardee to PIF meeting

Once again the illegal ministers in Voreqe's regime have been caught red-handed for MISINTERPRETING what others say to suit their web of LIES. This time, Filipe Bole is the culprit, with regards to him saying that PNG will employ 5 000 Fijian workers as skilled labourers in the PNG LNG gas mines. However, PNG High Comm. has come out to say this on FijiLive:

The Papua New Guinea High Commission has clarified that the reported 5000 jobs available at its $US15 billion Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project for Fiji Nationals is misinterpreted...

But it clarified that of the total 12,000 foreign personnel employed in the project includes the 5000 skilled labour that will be recruited from the Pacific region.

Recently Minister Bole told Fiji Live that 5000 Fiji nationals could expect to be recruited in PNG’s gas mines. 

Therefore, we at Tears for Fiji now concur to award ALL the illegal ministers in Voreqe's regime from Voreqe down to the last regime recruit the MASTERS of MISINTERPRETATION degree. 

As another illegal minister prepares to update the PIF meeting in Auckland on May 31 regarding the 'perspectives on Fiji’s situation and the path back to democratic governance' we hope that the PIF elected Foreign Ministers will keep in focus the other side of the story, so as not to be swayed by the 'vesumona' words, which we're sure the illegal likes of Sayed-Khaiyum will prepare for Kubuabola to spin to the PIF leaders. From where we stand, the points of the two issues the PIF leaders SHOULD hear from Kubuabola are these:

1.Perspectives on Fiji’s situation 

  • We're BROKE!
  • We know we did WRONG!
  • We know that the people of Fiji are educated enough or more than enough to know what they want and need.
  • We're a CONFUSED bunch of losers and NBF debtors!
  • We're BROKE!

 2. Path back to democratic governance

  • Tell Voreqe to get his military men and himself back to barracks a.s.a.possible.
  •  Reinstate Fiji's Constitution and implement the ruling made by the Appeals court, so we can get on with the business of following legal channels to elections.
  • Pursue the arraignment of ALL those who participated in the treasonous act of FORCEFULLY deposing an elected government with MILITARY GUNS, so it is a lesson to future coup master-minders. Oh! and that should include Rabuka. 
  • Get the nation of Fiji to elections NOW, so our sanity can be retained, our image intact, our tourism, sugar and other economic powerhouses regained, our people safe and free, and our future generation prosperous and unburdened to pay back IMF loans granted to a dictatorship!  
  • Assist in the proper education of Fiji's grassroots to properly know that COUPS are wrong and illegal, whatever the guises the regime says it to be now. 
Now, will Masters of Misinterpretation awardee, Kubuabola do as suggested. That remains to be seen...  

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