Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rebuttal to Voreqe's Nation Building Exercise

Fiji's ILLEGAL and self-appointed PM is on the "campaign" trail! Whether he sees it that way or not, it is a campaign trail! Here is what was reported on FijiLive, which we would just like to rebutt.

Fiji will never become successful unless its citizens learn to work together in building the nation, says ILLEGAL Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.
Fiji was successful prior to 1987. Then 2000 came along, with a coup Voreqe got involved in, and again in 2006! We have had ENOUGH of coups, but still Voreqe didn't get this and now he is blaming the CITIZENS for our nation's woes. What a cheek!
While opening the two-day Kadavu Provincial Council meeting in Suva this morning, the ILLEGAL PM said although we may have personal differences, it is imperative that Fiji moves forward.

“Of course, we do have our differences but we all must work together to build a better Fiji,” he told the people of Kadavu.
Hmmmmm...funny how this idiot talks about differences and working together when he did the exact opposite prior to Dec 5, 2006. Remember those DEMANDS you made to Qarase for him to DO, otherwise you will overthrow his elected government. You see right there is the DIFFERENCES you're talking about it. And what you were suppose to do is take Qarase and his elected govt. along the chain of complaints, but you chose to just use your GUNS to get what you want. Therefore, what you say is totally different from what you do..so STOP the bull-crap!

These he said, are principles contained in the People’s Charter.

“This is exactly what the Charter stands for. The whole reason behind it is to bring about good and honest leadership.”

OH!!! that Voreqe farter-charter again! Who cares?

“No one was brought up being taught to hate their neighbour. We must love one another and work together for the good of the nation,” he said.
You are right there, but unfortunately for you..you don't practice what you preach!
The ILLEGAL PM reiterated the urgent need to rid corruption and dirty politics from all levels of government . Yes, staring with your F$184K BACK-PAY and the military bonuses since you stole power!

“When we took leadership, we set up the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC).

“A lot of people opposed it but what we don’t want is greedy people gaining from corrupt practices,” he said.
A lot of law-abiding citizens opposed it because it is not a job of the military regime to set up these institutions. If you really think you can run the govt, then loose the military fatigues, become a politician, run for elections and then do whatever "good" ideas you think you have, if or when you get elected.

The meeting continues.

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