Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Naulia (one of RABAKA'S MURDERERS) in 7s squad

We, the people should not let this KILLER represent our country overseas, if we truly believe that we are GOOD people who believe in the preservation of life and true justice. The 7s team will NEVER, EVER gain anything positive if this killer is included in the team. 

The 7s team maybe becoming indisciplined because they're disillusioned about what is going on in our beloved country. How can one possibly go overseas and represent our country knowing the true fate the people of our country are going through back at home? Their voice not being heard, their freedom taken away from them, while rascals with guns, which Naulia is a part of, get to dictate and do whatever they want, when they want to.


Anare Ravula
Tuesday, May 04, 2010

TWO new players have been included in the Fiji training squad to prepare for the last leg of the IRB Sevens World Series in London and Scotland.
Suva rugby captain and Napolioni Naulia and Nadi halfback Semi Keli have been called up as replacements.
Naulia and Keli's inclusion takes the squad number to 17 that will march into camp today.
"We have selected nine players in the forwards and eight for the backline," he said.
Team manager Jope Tuivanuavou said they had opted for disciplined players in the side to bring victory to the nation. WHAT THE CRAP!!! NAULIA IS DISCIPLINED? DISCIPLINED ALRIGHT TO KILL AN INNOCENT CHILD!
There had been some concern lately regarding the team's discipline.
Tuivanuavou said he had emphasised to players the importance of maintaining discipline in their preparation.
"If a player still continues his indiscipline, he can shipped out or have his contract pay deducted," he warned.
He said only 12 players would be selected for the London and Scotland 7's.
The London 7s tournament will be held on April 22-23
The 17 Players that will march be in camp today are:
Forwards: Seremaia Burotu, Watisoni Votu, Etonia Naba, James Brown, Napolioni Naulia, Turuva Lumelume, Aloesi Qio, Isei Vuruna, Apisai Nayabo.
Backs: Niumaia Cakacaka, Ilai Tinai, Aisake Katonibau, Vima Tuidraki, Jolei Lutumailagi, Orisi Sareki, Josefa Bole, Semi Keli.
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