Thursday, April 15, 2010


We, at Tears for Fiji would like to show our support, gratitude and send our thoughts and prayers, to the two senior police officers and their families for standing up to the ILLEGALLY APPOINTED Police Head.

Whatever you did or said to this nong is obviously fitting and well-deserved to be mentioned, to a big COWARD and LOSER, who was given this enormous task ahead of REAL POLICEMEN and WOMEN ONLY because he is one of Voreqe's masipoloist. What does a deck-hand know about policing?

And to Ema and whoever that supports this BIG COWARD in Fiji's Police Force, your day and time will come. And when that day comes, you will run girl, as fast as you can like Rabuka.

Our police force has been militarised and brought down to its knees by a bunch of IDIOTS!!!! So true! It's time the police force members pre-December 5, 2006 who really have the hard-training and the values that they are renowed for, TAKE BACK WHAT WAS STOLEN FROM YOU!

Police insubordination

Friday, April 16, 2010 (Fiji Times)
TWO senior police officers who were suspended for insubordination are now in police custody. Police spokeswoman Ema Dimila said the Fiji Police Force would not condone actions that undermined their standards of discipline and ethics.
Police Commissioner Esala Teleni had ordered investigations into the allegations of insubordination.
Ms Dimila said the special police team investigated allegations of unfaithfulness and rebellious attitudes toward the running of the police force and its new leader.
She said it was important for senior officers to show allegiance to the Force.