Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hunt for FNPF exec in Sri Lanka! Yah!

So, we have Sri Lankan judges, Sri Lankan Telecom experts, Sri Lankan bankers, Sri Lankan flour millers, Sri Lankan Vodafoners, Sri Lankan CJ Patelers and soon Sri Lankan FNPF Execs. These are the ones who are going to be "looking after" the Fijian taxpayers' monies that should fund their retirement or their immediate family needs. We are being run by Sri Lankans people! BEWARE!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010 - FIji Times
THE Fiji National Provident Fund is searching for a chief financial officer in Sri Lanka.
FNPF chief executive officer Aisake Taito and human resources manager Jonetani Tonawai are in Colombo to conduct interviews.
Mr Taito confirmed the fund would interview prospective candidates with a view towards recruiting a Sri Lankan to take up the position within the superannuation fund.
The FNPF team will return at the end of the week.
Also in the hunt for Sri Lankan financial experts is Telecom Fiji Limited.
Board chairman Tom Ricketts and member Abraham Simpson are in Colombo to recruit a senior member for tfl's management team.
Mr Ricketts would not comment on the position which they hope to fill but confirmed that he and Mr Simpson would be in Sri Lanka to speak to possible candidates for a management position.
The FNPF and tfl board members left Fiji on Saturday and travelled through Hong Kong.
The tfl board members return to Fiji tomorrow.
Mr Taito said the calibre of candidates for the CFO position was extremely high.
Most applicants had at least one post-graduate degree and many had two undergraduate degrees, he said.
By hiring Sri Lankans, the FNPF and tfl will join the Fiji Development Bank, Flour Mills of Fiji, Vodafone and CJ Patel which have hired financial experts from that country.
The Ministry of Justice has also hired Sri Lankans to fill positions in the judiciary and the magistracy.
Sri Lanka is recognised as a leading provider of financial and engineering experts because of the high standard of education and the large number of people with double degrees.
The judiciary has looked to Sri Lanka for members f the bench because that country's laws are based on British Common Law.
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