Sunday, April 25, 2010

Vocea spews forth FALSE HOPE again!

Fiji’s public sector and land use have been named as among the key longstanding structural issues which have been serious impediments to the country’s economic growth for at least the last two decades. OH REALLY? THE COUPS HAVE BEEN THE "serious impediments to the country’s economic growth for at least the last two decades" Vocea. Where have you been - up Voreqe's nether regions or what?

Fiji’s ILLEGAL  ambassador to the European Union, Peceli Vocea made the point at a meeting with the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, a government statement said.

Vocea met with Rompuy to present his credentials as Fiji’s ILLEGAL ambassador to the European Council which defines the general political direction and priorities of the European Union.

Vocea said government had embarked on addressing some of the structural issues including the public sector and land use policy reforms. He noted that an International Monetary Fund team is in Fiji to discuss areas where IMF assistance can be effective. YES, ALL IMF IS DOING IS DISCUSSING UNTIL YOU AND YOUR BUNCH OF THIEVES GIVE US BACK OUR GOVERNMENT.

He also acknowledged the European Commission-funded program to help Fiji’s fish exports regain entry to the EU. YOU SEE, STILL TRYING TO REGAIN ENTRY, ARE WE VOCEA? GIVE US BACK OUR GOVERNMENT AND ENTRY WILL BE GRANTED PRONTO!

The signing of the interim Economic Partnership Agreement had ensured that trade with the EU, particularly on sugar, continued without disruption. HOW IS THIS INTERIM PARTNERSHIP HELPING OUR SUGAR ECONOMY AND THE RATIONING OF SUGAR FOR THE PEOPLE?

The statement said it is hoped that more benefits will be derived from the agreement once the notification process had been completed. THERE WE GO AGAIN...MORE FALSE HOPE. HOPE TIKO!

On Vocea’s update on developments with regards to government’s roadmap, Rompuy assured that the EU will keep a line of dialogue open with Fiji and was hopeful that an earlier resolution of the political problems could be found. AGAIN VOCEA, YOU SEE WHAT THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY WANT - AN EARLIER RESOLUTION TO YOU AND YOUR KINS TO GIVE US BACK OUR GOVERNMENT PEACEFULLY WITHOUT ANY FURTHER DELAY!

(From FijiLive with TFF comments)

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