Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hurricanes, Floods, Snails now TERMITES!! What next?

Remember the 7 plagues of Egypt? Is it on our doorstep?

Termites now raiding farm

Tuesday, April 27, 2010
Tests are underway to determine whether the termite scare in the west will be extended to farms.

The termites that have eaten their way through wooden homes and buildings in the West were found to have also consumed a cassava patch over the weekend.

Permanent Secretary for Agriculture Colonel Mason Smith says tests are underway to see the extent of this new area of damage.

“The survey that we carried out last weekend, we found one cassava that has been eaten by the termites. However we felt that this was a very localised incident because of the fact that the termite nest was right beside the cassava patch. We don’t think at this stage that the termite feeds on cassava, we still feel that it feeds on the infrastructure, wood that is used for building houses.”

Meanwhile Smith says their teams will comb the western division in an effort to eradicate these termites.

“The commissioner western and his team have already deployed an awareness campaign that is currently ongoing. We are now dealing with a number of companies to try and source chemicals for the eradication of these termites. We are also up and running in the western division as far as the whole logistics of the operation is concerned and we should be fully operational within the week.”

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation

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