Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ILLEGAL AG at it again!

We are not lawyers, but just plain law-abiding citizens who have lived through ALL the coups that our beloved nation had to endure under those who have the GUNS! And since before and after December 5, 2006, when Voreqe and his army were beginning to undermine the rule of law and the democratic process we have been enjoying, which resulted in them RAPING us of our democratic rights and freedom, we have continued to add to the voice of those of us who champion and believe in the democratic ideals that has set us free since the birth of our independent nation.

Thus, when we hear the likes of Illegal AG raising issues in the media because he believes he is the ONLY one that may have the knowledge to do so, this latest rhetoric regarding the self-preservation IMMUNITY decree they have sneakily awarded themselves, as coup instigators and perpetrators is just another SIGN that they are fighting a losing battle - No matter how long they have been, in STOLEN power for!

The Illegal AG "has told journalists that the decree consolidates a number of related decrees implemented since 1988  (Available here: ) and was enshrined in the 1990 constitution and 1997 Constitutions.

The decree, he said grants immunity to prescribed persons for the involvement of participation in the political events of 2000 and the abrogation of the constitution in April last year." (FijiLive -

This is why having decrees under STOLEN power is and will not be a good idea for our small nation, which has an overinflated military with overinflated egos to go with it.

As the ELECTED PM of Samoa mentioned, and we will reiterate here again, Decrees are the makings of a GUILTY person (people) trying to save their behind from the wrath of the rule of law as observed and respected by law abiding citizens.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Illegal AG and Illegal PM and Illegal Ministers etc etc.

Just as the interim government of Kyrgzstan has stated, Immunity is NOT GUARANTEED for those who steal power by vote rigging or corruption. Your time will come!
March 2005: Protests over disputed election, dubbed the Tulip Revolution, lead to fall of President Askar Akayev
July 2005: Kurmanbek Bakiyev elected president by a landslide
October 2007: Referendum approves constitutional changes, which the opposition present as a step towards authoritarianism
December 2007: Bakiyev's Ak Zhol party wins parliamentary poll; opposition left with no seats
July 2009: Bakiyev re-elected in vote criticised by monitors
7 April 2010: Bakiyev ousted in violent protests; interim government takes over
13 April 2010: Interim government removes Bakiyev's immunity from prosecution

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