Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We will NOT be treated like Prisoners in our own land!

Ever since Fiji's military imposed courts, in particular Judge Madigan and his so called "independent" assessors found the eight men alleged to have plotted the dictator Frank Bainimarama's assassination guilty, the brute force of Driti from behind the scenes and the illegal entities in the Police Force and DPP's office start to make "LOUD" noises. Reminds us of the saying we used to hear in primary school or at home -

First let's look at the recent outburst on military culture and traditions by Driti, as reported in the FBCL site. Tuesday, March 09, 2010

“The military has its own customs and traditions and these customs and traditions are shared to blend into society. Military personnel will always respect it. The customs and traditions of the military will always override the general customs and traditions of society in the way we practice it.”  

In that regard, we’re both respectful of society but treasure and practice self-discipline, something very, very sacrosanct. So both, conventional units and elite elements, they also go through the same customs and traditions training, that is the special forces unit also.” 

Reading or hearing this contradictory speech, one can clearly see (again!) why and how this military regime's focus is so OUT OF SYNC with normal societal values because as Driti said here - "The customs and traditions of the military will always override the general customs and traditions of society in the way we practice it." Well that is ONLY for the KIND OF MILITARY you're currently a part of Driti, NOT THE WHOLE MILITARY INSTITUTION, AS PART OF ANY CIVIL DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY in the world.

Driti, we know that COURAGEOUS, RESPECTFUL military personnel like the ones in NZ, Australia, USA, UK, France, etc don't share the same "military" values/culture/traditions you espouse to.

And you of all people to talk about CHOICES! 

Driti says the actions of the five former CRW soldiers in plotting to kill the Prime Minister was their own choice, and not made because of their military skills or lack of social and cultural skills. 
Driti says, “I am talking about their own choices in life here. If these group of men had wronged about their loyalty to higher command regarding the case in 2000 which is to overthrow government with the civilian group that came in, then they have again wronged.” to us about the choices YOU made to deprive us of our freedom and our rights! Where is your RESPECT for us as civilians? You don't have any, thus, your choices will come back one day to haunt you.

And here is a wise reminder for all of us: 1 Corinthians 4:2  "Those who are trusted with something valuable must show they are worthy of that trust."

In line with what we are currently experiencing...Driti, you and the military were NEVER EVER TRUSTED (or ENTRUSTED) WITH OUR VALUABLE LIVES...thus, you trying to show your WORTH, is and will be irrelevant now and forever, no matter how much you shove and bully us through with your decrees and rules by force!

Further to this, the international community, especially lawyers who obviously are well-versed in international law and all it entails, know that the judiciary in Fiji and its current crop of coup sympathisers amongst the law faculty is nothing to boast about. Here is the proof from Radio NZ International:

Mr Khan’s Lawyer, Peter Williams, QC, says even if new charges of some sort were brought, extradition would not be a possibility:
“There’s be no obligation, no extradition would ever be granted because an extradition would have to be to a country where there is a legal government, and there is no legal government, the government in Fiji has been held by the supreme court in Fiji to be illegal and unconstitutional.”
Ballu Khan’s Lawyer, Peter Williams, QC

Driti, Voreqe and co., You want to treat us like prisoners in our own land BUT WE WILL NOT LET YOU HAVE THAT SATISFACTION FOREVER. We will stand up to tyrants. Men and women in the past histories of our existence on Earth have stood up to dictators in their land and some have been imprisoned and tortured for it - ALL FOR BELIEVING IN THE FREEDOM THEY KNOW IS THEIR RIGHT TO HAVE - AND THEY HAVE WON!
Marina Nemat, a Christian girl, in her memoir Prisoner of Tehran told how she was imprisoned and tortured when she was only 16 during the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1982. She said this on page 130, which is a very poignant reminder to us, who are currently being treated like prisoners in our own country by the military who uses FEAR as a cowardly tactic to keep us from voicing our concerns.


The government had shut down several independent newspapers, accusing their staff of being enemies of the Islamic revolution. I felt as if the country were slowly being submerged in water: breathing became a little bit more difficult every day. But we remained optimistic believing they couldn't possibly DROWN EVERYONE!


How far are we going to let the military regime push us? We have to take a stand like Marina "believing they couldn't possibly drown everyone."


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