Saturday, March 20, 2010

Voreqe's command-and-control style COSTLY!

 We wonder how Voreqe is feeling these days with the on-going BAND-AID solutions he and his current military regime operatives are currently on. It seems that their on-going effort to save, rescue and recover our nation's treasures, in terms of resources, life style, finances etc is cyclical with no REAL measure or proof that their mission to clean-up and reform our nation, according to their wishes is going to bear ANY fruit SOON or even LATER for that matter.

The power grab, to be the commander and controller of everything from "leading" to "supervising" is a mark of a man who lacks the TRUST and RESPECT for those he works with. No wonder this mission of his WILL GO NO WHERE! These TWO valuable foundations of our human existence, rendering us superior to animals on Earth (apart from the other values we SHOULD possess) are totally lacking in Voreqe, thus, this is a reminder to him that HIS CAUSE IS A LOST ONE!

Voreqe you are creating a WASTEFUL FIJI with your lack of transformational leadership, emotional intelligence, achievable actions, etc. Your AMBITIONS totally lack the foresight and true intentions of a citizen who has Fiji's best interests at heart. Your clean-up is way past its USED BY DATE. You should now descend from that priviledged throne of Fiji's Prime Ministership, which you STOLE!  And give Fiji's leadership back to the people of Fiji to CHOOSE!

Mark our words - The longer you HANG-ON to the leadership you STOLE, the longer YOU prolong our trip down to national-destruction lane. Your children and your grandchildren will PAY! Mark our may not be around to see them suffer the consequences of your selfish actions, but they WILL! God works in Mysterious ways!
The choice is yours and it is clear - HUMBLY ADMIT YOUR MISTAKES, step down from the pedestal you're currently on (you and your "NAMU" family) AND LET THE PEOPLE OF FIJI CHOOSE THEIR LEADERS. WE ARE CAPABLE OF IT!

Vessel to leave after PM’s inspection

A government vessel will ship emergency relief supplies to Fiji’s northern division after Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama inspects what is on board once he returns from a visit to cyclone-hit areas in the region.

Acting director DISMAC, Pajiliai Dobui told FijiLive that Bainimarama is expected to return from a tour of Vanua Levu and the northern division later today.

“The Iloilovato awaits the PM as he wants to inspect what is being taken to the Lau group following the massive destruction caused in the Lau group,” said Dobui.

Bainimarama left for the north yesterday.

Dobui said the majority of relief supplies were delivered to the northern division over the past two days.

“I believe that suffices their immediate needs as well as health and agricultural needs required urgently.”

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