Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lessons from the BRUTAL RAPE of an 8 year old girl

Just a week or so ago after parts of our country was devastated by Hurricane Tomas, the news of the brutal rape of a Class 3 student in Suva at the early hours of morning begs a lot of questions of where the moral fabric of our society is heading?

As we sympathise with the mother of the girl, not having at hand the full knowledge of the circumstances of their family or the state of the mother that fateful morning, there are matters we want to raise that we have knowledge of, and that is simple -

the RAPE of an 8 year old girl can have similarities to the RAPE OF OUR DEMOCRACY!

Some may say What? How come?

Well, it is simple. When a fully grown MAN decide upon himself that because he is bigger and more powerful (that is having GUNS!) than his victim (a defenseless group of people) and will therefore use his GUN POWER to forcefully take the rights, choices and freedom of its victim away from them, the brutality of the scars left on the victim is the same as those physically, emotionally and psychologically left on this 8 year old girl.

This may sound unsympathetic and it makes us wonder how can God let something like this happen. Well all we have to do is look to history. Remember the Angel of Death that passed through Eygpt at the dead of night watching out for doors smeared with lamb's blood to spare the lives of the first born child in the home of the Jews? 

Yes, the Devil can make unfathomable things happen in our society, so, we can look AROUND us and WITHIN us to realise that all the Evil that is happening in our country has been manifested in RAPISTS - 
those that RAPE WOMEN and CHILDREN, 
and those who 

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