Wednesday, September 30, 2009

With Power Comes Responsibility

The who-hah about that audacious UN GA speech, laced with lies, innuedos and outrageous claims, delievered by military regime leader Voreqe Bainimarama last week seems to have died down, but it certainly won't be forgotten.

A lot of bloggers, writers and law-abiding citizens have speculated on who exactly Voreqe was referring to when he was talking about the "old elite." Mike of Luvei Viti attempted to remind us of who exactly in our last 29 years since independence have been in power, from those who are chiefs by birthright e.g. Rt. Mara, to those who came to power by way of a coup like Mr. Rabuka, to our last deposed elected Prime Minister, Mr. Qarase. According to Mike, some have amassed personal wealth, where others haven't.

Now, if this is the "old elite" Voreqe is referring to, and it's something he will have to proof as well, or in the case of those who may fall into this category have to disproof, does that mean Fiji now has a "new elite." Who are they?

Well, if we go by reports and facts of how Voreqe and his supporters have amassed personal wealth since Decemebr 5, 2006, would it be safe to assume that Voreqe and his cohorts are now the "new elite"?

The communist party of China, rose to power because they told the people of China 60 years ago that they will get rid of the corruption culture that ran rife in China. Now 60 years on, these same Communist party officials have been executed, jailed or on trial for the same corruption practices they promised to get rid of.

Now, with Voreqe wasting precious tax-payers' money attending meetings like the IMF in Istanbul, when Fiji doesn't even have ANY money power to be discussing money issues in this kinds of forum, it's no brainer to deduce that although Voreqe may believe he has GUN power to rule, he definitely doesn't have the brains to manage, let alone have the MORAL RESPONSIBILITY to do what is BEST and WISEST for the people of Fiji. So, instead of wasting thousands of dollars attending meetings that he will most deifinitely not have any iota of positive or constructive contribution to, but maybe just to sit and yawn through all the jargon that is going to fly over his head, these thousands of dollars could have been better spent on EDUCATION, HEALTH, SOCIAL WELFARE, OLD PEOPLE'S HOME, ORPHANS, ETC.

2014 is a long way away for a military ruler to be allowed to squander our minimum financial resources for his own globe-trotting/personal wealth gains.

Our Independence Day remembrance will be upon us soon. Some constructive, pragmatic steps need to be taken by us citizens to ensure that the demands of the UN, the Commonwealth, the PIF and US are vigorously pursued for an EARLIER ELECTION.

It is OUR RESPONSIBILTY to make this happen soon. We know Voreqe is a coward, a psycho and a liar who will do whatever he will to stay in power. And that is USE HIS GUNS!!! But we have a collective desire, hope and faith to stand-up to tyrannts. And STAND-UP we must! Because the first shot that is fired by any of his foot-soldiers will be the ticket for Voreqe to the Hague. Roman Polanski, a Hollywood Director just got arrested in Switzerland for a warrant issued in the 1978 for pleading guilty to unlawful sex in the US and then fleeing to France! So, who's to say this would not happen to Voreqe? Maybe he will use his stolen $188K to buy him and his family a one-way ticket to India or China!

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