Monday, September 21, 2009

Illegal PM leaves for UN Assembly on PEACE DAY- how IRONIC!

How ironic it is indeed that Fiji illegal PM has to leave our shores to attend the 64th UN General Assembly on International Peace Day.

I wonder what he will say to the likes of UN Sec. General Ban Ki Moon (if he gets a chance to speak with him) who only on 18th September "called on nations to intensify efforts to reduce stockpiles of weapons capable of inflicting large-scale devastation and death."

And this is what Voreqe Bainimarama tirelessly tries to show his bluff to the world for. As much as he tries to sugar-coat what HE THINKS is best for Fiji by his efforts to bring about reforms, to alleviate poverty, to increase our economy, he conveniently forgets that the people of the world will see right through his efforts because all this has been made possible for him because of his WEAPONS OF DESTRUCTION!

From small arms to nuclear weapons, this is what Mr Ban said, “Most of the victims of conflict are powerless, innocent civilians, fathers, mothers, [and] children,” adding that without peace “they have little hope of improving their lives. Little hope of escaping poverty.”

You see Voreqe, you robbed us of our PEACE. And without our PEACE you cannot improve our lives as you have envisioned.

You can toil and toil until 2014, after that let the politicians and the people of Fiji govern themselves according to the democractic values and ideals we believe in. You may have your own definition of democracy, but the one that the UN, the Commonwealth, the Pacific Forum and the rest of us law-abiding citizens abide by is the one that promotes PEACE for all. Where we exercise our rights knowing that we also have the responsibilities that accompany our rights.

We don't need THUGS WITH WEAPONS to come and dictate to us what is best for us. We already know and people with GUNS like you Voreqe do not fit the profile.

May God grant us our peace and freedom in Fiji!

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