Saturday, September 26, 2009

Why was Voreqe allowed to speak at the UN in the first place?

Remember this picture of Mr. Pramesh Chand and NCBBF Head - Mr. John Sami waiting for Dictator Bainimarama to deliver his Fiji’s Statement at the 63rd UNGA Debate last year? hmmmm wonder what the crowd was like for this next picture...but read on for the meat of the message.

Ok, ok we have all wondered, how come the UN keeps inviting the power-grabber Voreqe and allowing him to give his ill-conceived speeches, which I bet he doesn't even contribute to it himself, instead to maybe nod his head in approval to all the utterances suggested by his speech writers to sugar-coat the drastic and barbaric treatment they have laid upon the peace-loving people of Fiji since December 5, 2006.

According to Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press, this is what he had to say:

At UN, Malagasy Coup Leader Barred While Fiji's Speaks, Duplicity on Democracy

By Matthew Russell Lee

UNITED NATIONS, September 26 -- The day after Madagascar's de facto leader Andry Rajoelina was barred from speaking in the General Assembly, Fiji's coup leader Josaia Bainimarama was slated, without objection, to speak. It is not, then, that coup leaders are rejected by the UN. It all turns on who opposed the coup, and with what energy.

Australia and New Zealand have spoken against the Fiji coup. On September 22, Inner City Press asked Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd if he had made any headway in getting the UN to stop using and paying the government for Fijian peacekeepers until democracy is restored. We have made ourselves clear, Rudd answered. But the UN continues using Fijians in Iraq.

Now, the important part here that answers the question-why Voreqe is still allowed to spew forth lies and deception in a forum like the UN GA, therefore, in his mind makes him a legitimate article is the detail-"....It all turns on who OPPOSED THE COUP, and WITH WHAT ENERGY."

Therefore, the only reason Madagascar military leader was disallowed to speak at the UN GA is because of the ENERGY the African nations utilised to block the president of Madagascar from addressing the United Nations General Assembly on Friday, saying his rise to power through a military coup made him illegitimate." (Reuters India)

Exercising their democratic ideals, Congo's Foreign Minister Alexis Thambwe-Mwamba said "Madagascar is represented at this session of the assembly by persons who rose from an attempted coup," as the delegation from Madagascar sat silently at their desk. Then the Democratic Republic of Congo, speaking on behalf of the 15-member Southern African Development Community, said Madagascar President Andry Rajoelina should be barred, a motion later carried by a vote on the Assembly floor. Although there was a bit of confusion for the vote, brought on by Libya's part (yeah right who else?!) in trying to redirect the African nations' attention to the fact that this coup leader (another one of Voreqe's contemporaries), was invited by the UN (aha!), 23 African leaders voted against Rajoelina versus four in support and he was prevented from taking the podium.

So, where does that leave us and our strive to make sure that Voreqe is prevented to use his presence in high level meetings like the UN GA, to keep promoting this illusion of his that his coup was acceptable by us for our own safety and security? That they were FORCED with hesitation on their part to rob us of our democracy, our freedom, our rights.

Why didn't the Pacific Island Forum leaders exercise something similar to what the African leaders group did? As reported, we know that New Zealand and Australia are known opposers of Voreqe's military regime, but is it because of our "brotherly" Pacific culture that prevented the PIF leaders of putting in MORE ENERGY, in order, for Voreqe to be barred this time or the previous times, when we spewed forth those lies about adhering to the Constitution, following basic democratic process for support for his MILITARY charter, etc?

Can we the people do something similar, which will be valid for the UN to see that we oppose the dictator speaking on our behalf at high level podiums like the UN GA? Therefore, even if he gets to be invited and go, HE WILL BE BARRED FROM SPEAKING. Afterall, the UN is meant to be working for the peace of ordinary citizens, right? So, if leaders can't do it, can we?

Let's find out for the next time, if Voreqe is still around so we can EXERCISE OUR RIGHT TO VOTE HIM OUT OF THE UN SPEAKING AGENDA!!!!


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