Monday, June 15, 2009

Lessons from Iran

Wow!! Beats me really as I watched the news to witness the huge number of liberal Iranians, especially women and young men and women taking to the streets of Tehran to protest the results of an election these opposition leader's supporters clearly believe was RIGGED! And the thing that strikes me was the fact that the supporters DEFIED ORDERS BY AHMADINEJAD'S GOVERNMENT not to protest.

But protest they did in the thousands. Even at the Tehran University young Iranians gathered secretly to protest.

Here we see a Muslim nation of young people totally fed-up with the hardline stand taken by Ahmadinejad for so long that they needed change. And with their large numbers (remember the govt. didn't allow any independent observers to observe and monitor the election) both in Iran and Abroad, they know that they have the numbers. But to have Ahmadinejad win by 62% was for them unbelieveable and unacceptable.

Their leader Mousavi is calling for another election. The Ayatollah is calling for an investigation. The liberal people of Iran are exercising their rights and people power and are STANDING AND MARCHING FOR IT.

Jusr after the last broadcast we read that someone has been shot and killed by the security forces. But Mousavi calls for PEACEFUL PROTESTS.

So, if the Muslims of Iran can defy orders and protest for what they believe in, why can't the Christians, Hindus and Muslims of Fiji do so too?

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