Saturday, June 20, 2009

Exclusion from forum talks angers Fiji

Aha! so Fiji's Trade and Commerce Ministry is now throwing a tantrum about getting excluded from the PIF meetings. Well didn't their illegal PM tell them that he DOESN'T NEED ANYBODY TO HELP HIM/THEM to move Fiji forward, except of course for CHINDIA. But probably what their illegal leader failed to clarify was that the move forward without CONCRETE PIF AND INTERNATIONAL ASSISTANCE would result in them ending up in La-la-destituteland.

And most annoyingly is the bull-crap spewed out of Aiyaz's stinking mouth as reported in Fijilive. Who does he think he is? Fiji has been suspended from PIF. Therefore, the current illegal leaders of Fiji does not have the authority to be dictating terms to a democratic organisation like the PIF.

Some words/phrases that Aiyaz used included: credibility, Pacific way, incluse approach, legal validity, new approach, mutual respect, genuine cooperation, level playing field, etc.

Jeez if he was using these words in a legal election campaign we might just believe him, BUT sadly for him it is not so and WE ALL SEE RIGHT THROUGH HIS CRAP! SORRY FULORI, FAIL AGAIN!

As the saying goes - Tu na DUH!!

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