Saturday, June 13, 2009

Leader Leung for Fiji's Presidency and PM

Our fearless and intelligent man-of-the-moment, Mr. Graham Leung will be our first vote for a combined Presidency and Prime Ministerial role come election time.

If this courageous and real Fiji warrior can give up his livelihood as a symbol to the military dictators that real power rests not with your guns or money, especially ones that are stolen from the people, but by the power of how you value freedom, democratic rights and liberty, then Mr. Leung is our answer to South Africa's Nelson Mandela.

If African leaders like Mandela (South Africa) and Tsvangirai (Zimbabwe), can withstand imprisonment and torture for the restoration of democracy in their homelands after all the woes brought by systems and people who wear them down by imposing tough actions like military power, then our very own Mr. Leung is the only Fiji leader we now see as someone we, the people of Fiji can look up to.

We know it is probably a humungous responsibility that we, the people have to put on Mr. Leung's shoulders, but we have been waiting for a real strong, fearless, intelligent and open-minded leader who can lead by his/her actions, not just words.

Mr. Leung thus far has been the only one who has accomplished both, and for that we believe he also knows that like he said himself, we don't have a second chance. It is NOW!

So, spread the word - Graham Leung for Fiji's Presidency and Prime Minister

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Children of Fiji said...

Sure. Graham Leung is the man.
He is assured of our votes at the very least as we will campign for him.