Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Roxana Saberi - a symbol of media freedom

The arrest and recent release of Roxana is for me a symbol of how vulnerable our media personnel is, to whims and callous ways overbearing and dictatorial governments can be.

As clearly explained in this paragraph, 'Saberi's arrest demonstrated the unpredictability of Iran's fragmented, multilayered political and security system, where dissidents, politicians and journalists are sometimes arrested for transgressing undefined ideological and national security rules, such as by having contact with the West.'

But it is most importantly a symbol that freedom is our most valuable possession. However, Roxana didn't just get it free-nilly, she also worked for it by staging her own


to protest her innocence, gain the world's support and ultimately HER FREEDOM!

A lesson to us Fijians, the world can only do so much, but they will only FORGE FORWARD FORCEFULLY but NONVIOLENTLY WHEN WE DO OUR PART TO PEACEFULLY PROTEST IN THE PUBLIC ARENA!,0,3372344.story

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