Monday, May 4, 2009

Military regime trying to win UN's favour?

“We have a team that is here today, obviously we welcome them and are quite keen that they visit us and they are here for the next two days and they will be assessing us in terms of compliance to the articles,” Sayed-Khaiyum welcoming the team into the country.

Fiji volunteered to be the subject of this pilot project.

Head of the mission John Sandage said the team would analyse and make recommendations on Fiji via a report to the United Nations.

Sandage said: “Fiji is party to the UN Convention on Corruption and they volunteered very kindly to participate in this process. My friends here from France (Mr Valery Turcey) and Serbia (Ms Milica Djunic) are here to view state of Fiji’s compliance”.

Turcey said: “Fiji is participating in a pilot project aimed at defining the terms of reference of the future of UNCOC. We are trying to rejuvenate that. We will make a report, which will be used by the United Nations, in deciding on the future conventions”.

Earlier today, the team met with officials of the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) who handed to them a report on Fiji.

The high-powered delegation’s three-day assessment on Fiji’s performance and efforts in combating corruption will see them hold consultation with Sayed Khaiyum as acting Prime Minister and AG, Solicitor General Christopher Pryde, Police Commissioner Esala Teleni, Deputy Supervisor of Elections Soro Toutou, Chief Magistrate, Chief Registrar, Finance Department, Public Service Commission and the Financial Intelligence Unit.

The UN team consists of two officials from Serbia, one from France and two from the UNCAC Secretariat in Vienna (Sandage and Ms Elsa Gopala-Krishnan).

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