Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How ironic...children exploring media roles in a non-existent media freedom environment

Students explore the media and its roles

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

STUDENTS of Veiuto Primary School marked Children's Day last week by exploring the roles of the media and how it is a channel through which their voices can be heard.

This was organised in recognition of this year's Children's Day theme, 'Media: Voice for all children'.

Fiji Media Watch representative Violet Savu was the guest speaker who raised awareness on the issue.

She spoke on how children could ensure their voices and messages are heard by taking advantage of the media programmes tailored for young people.

TVs Get Set programme and Fiji Times' Kaila newspaper were cited as examples.

To help her young audience, Ms Savu shared a story which simplified the relevance of the media and how its existence is for the empowerment of people as it is representative of the community it serves.

Students also took part in a first Global Childrens Handkerchief project.

The banners contained messages and handprints of the children.

These will be sent to Thailand in October at the SIGNIS World Congress on Media for a Culture of Peace. Childrens Rights Tomorrows Promise.

The activity was dedicated to all children, especially to the students and teachers of Veiuto Primary School and especially class teacher, Margaret Jitoko.

From: The Fiji Times

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