Saturday, January 17, 2009

New military recruits - do we need them?

Ok...maybe our youth need employment but in this day and age should we still accept our militarymen to only have a minimal qualification of Form Four? No wonder, our current militarymen cannot think for themselves, if this is the minimal schooling level expected to join the Fijian army.

What about the no criminal record? What is Frances Kean doing back in the top naval hierachy then? A convicted murderer!

Military defends plan for more recruits

1/18/2009 - from Fiji Sun
The military has defended their advertisements that seek more recruits.

In response to Fiji Sun’s editorial comment yesterday military spokesman Major Neumi Leweni said the editorial was biased and politically-motivated.

The editorial questioned the necessity of recruitment of more military personnel at a time when the country was in the middle of a natural disaster and most citizens were suffering.

Major Leweni said there were plans already in place for how the effects of the disaster would be addressed.

“While we all sympathise and feel for the victims of the natural disaster there are mechanisms in place to cater for their needs,’’ he said.

“It does not mean that the other aspects of the machinery of government stops, patients in hospitals need to be attended to, police still need to maintain law and order and likewise the military still needs to replenish its troops on peacekeeping missions, replacing retirees and replacing trade training school graduates of the RFMF Engineers whom you will soon witness to be an integral part of the rehabilitating process for the flood victims in a few days time.”

He added the recruitment was to address the unemployment problems in the country.

“Last but not least the recruitment is providing employment for the youths of Fiji which is government’s responsibility. It is about time the Fiji Sun refocus and redirect its efforts on issues that really counts rather than being driven by its political masters,” he said. The military put out an advertisement in the print media seeking for applications for the territorial forces, officer cadet training, military band and for their trade training school.

Some of the requirements are that applicants should have at least a Form Four pass and no criminal record.

Fiji SUN editor in chief Samisoni Kakaivalu said the newspaper stood by the editorial comment.

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